Orchard Supplier Shipping

Orchard Supplier Shipping – Domestic Shipping & Transportation Operation Requirements

Orchard Supplier shipping and transportation routing instructions and requirements specific to warehouse, direct, crossdock or direct to Orchard stores are included in this blog post. Orchard Supplier shipping and transportation routing are designed to allow merchandise to be moved quickly and efficiently through Orchard’s distribution facilities to Orchard stores and customers. Delays caused by late or improper carrier scheduling, not having freight ready to load on the scheduled pick up date, missing and/or inaccurate shipping documents, ASN’s etc., can result in additional expense incurred, as well as store out of stocks, lost sales and customers. The Orchard Transportation Management System (TMS) handles collect shipments to optimize routing of freight from suppliers to its DCs.

For Small Packages: If the supplier ships items on a pallet when using the small package criteria, they may be charged the difference on any added freight costs. This is not a compliance fine; it is the difference in freight charges.

Collect Routing Options

The routing method and carrier mode for collect shipments can vary by shipment, destination, total cubic feet, and weight available to ship. Orchard may route freight as follows:

  • To our DCs for consolidation
  • Direct to Orchard stores
  • To both Orchard DCs and stores
  • Part of a multiple truckload (TL) stop to Orchard DC or direct to Orchard stores
  • Via Small Package Ground Once Orchard has routed the supplier’s freight and scheduled their loads with the carrier, routing instructions will be e-mailed to them via Orchard’s TMS system where the transportation request was entered.

Supplier must provide all facility closure dates to Orchard Traffic via the TMS Routing Request. Doing so will avoid being recorded as non-compliant to purchase order fulfillment requirements. onsidered a Truckload (TL) shipment and may ship on any day with 48 hours notice. For all collect purchase orders only assigned as a truckload by Orchard, the supplier will be responsible for Shipper Load and Count (SLC) and is responsible for the contents of the trailer until it reaches the Orchard location.

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