Pack By Store EDI Order

Gordmans Pack By Store EDI Orders Guides

Pack By Store Orders Shipped to DC Carton Packaging and Size Requirements are the Same as Bulk Orders with some exception.

  1. The packing list and/or 856 EDI-ASN must match shipment exactly and tickets sent in advance correctly applied to merchandise. Incorrect packing list information can cause delays in processing freight and could result in charge backs.
  2. When palletizing more than one store per pallet, stores must be layered together with each store number listed on the pallet label.
  3. All cartons must be marked as follows:
    • Store Number
    • Gordmans EDI PO Number
    • Total Units per Shipping Carton
  4. Professional or college team orders must have the team name on outside of carton.
  5. Ensure each carton contains merchandise for one purchase order and one store.
  6. The barcode LINES on the label must be perpendicular to the bottom of the carton.
  7. The barcode must be placed flat on the side of the carton, not on a seam or corner unless given written approval by to do so.
  8. If using a pallet label only, it must contain the same information as a carton label and placed on all four sides of the pallet.

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