Packaging and Load Guides

Packaging and Load Expectations For Fred’s Shipments

Packaging and Load requirements are the supplier’s responsibility.  Suppliers must ensure all pallets shipped into the FRED’S distribution centers according to these guidelines.

  • Pallets should not exceed the 72” in height (height includes pallet and product).
  • Cartons weighing in excess of 45 lbs. should have a TEAM LIFT label attached as a safety precaution for Fred’s employees.
  • Cases (lids and flaps) must be clean and properly secured.
  • Pack only one SKU per carton; pack small-sized items in their own inner carton and mark with a separate label.
  • All liquid products must have a sealed cap.
  • All Perishable Goods must have Human Readable expiration dates on the cartons.
  • Do not mix SKU’s, styles or sizes within the same master carton unless specified on the Purchase Order (as in direct Fred’s store or DC delivery for multi sku displays etc).
  • All inner packs must be in a box or bag (Rubber bands are not acceptable).
  • Stretch wrap must cover the entire product and extend halfway down the pallet, securing all cases to the pallet.
  • Multiple stacked pallets may be stretch wrapped together to reduce load shifting.
  • Display the ship label information on each carton facing outside.
  • There should be no product overhang on the pallet.
  • All SKUs on a Purchase Order must be in quantities of one tier/layer or greater must be placed on their own pallet.
  • Place carton inserts above and below merchandise to prevent the contents from knife cuts when opening.
  • Case dimensions for a single SKU must remain constant. No variable case dimensions (length, width, or height) will be accepted.
  • The vendor is required to send notification 30 days prior to any new configurations/packaging changes shipped to FRED’S Distribution
    Center(s) which affect pallet or carton length, width, and/or height.
  • Notification must be sent via email to the FRED’S Merchant of record and the Distribution Center management (Failure to communicate changes in pallet and case dimensions prior to the update will result in chargeback’s).

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