Packing Label Guides (Nexteer Automotive)

Additional label type may be required for Mixed loaded material. These are described below: Mixed Load label format can be used for identification of materials of differing part numbers loaded within the confines of the same container or pallet. These can be of the same or differing quantities. On smaller packaging where the lid of the container covers the complete lower portion of the container, it will also be necessary to apply an additional label to the inner end of the container so that the material can still be identified when the lid is discarded.

Packing Label

General Label Format

For the most part the label formats for the container label, and master label are similar. The exception is that some data may exist on one label type but not the other. Also, the master label has wording at the bottom of the label to identify it as a master label. The following identifies the data blocks for the container and master labels.

The mixed load label format is significantly different to allow for more part data. The following identifies the data blocks for the mixed load label.

General Label

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