Packing List For EDI Purchase Order

Packing List For EDI Purchase Order – Ascena Vendor Requirements

Vendors participating in the UCC-128 Label Program will not have to send/email the Packing List for EDI Purchase Order. If an accepted ASN hasn’t been received before arriving at the DC/FC and a packing list hasn’t been sent, you are required to submit an acceptable packing list within 24 hours of being requested to do so. Failure to do so is subject to chargeback in addition to any chargeback related to failing to submit an accepted ASN.

The packing list template given by the retailer must be used. Packing lists sent in an alternate format will be subject to violation charges. A separate packing list must be prepared for each Purchase Order. Only one Purchase Order is allowed per packing list. Do not combine multiple Purchase Orders from a shipment onto one packing list.

Packing list counts must reflect units actually shipped regardless of units ordered. Packing lists must be written in the English language. Include ONE copy of the packing list with the first case of each Purchase Order, attached as follows:

  • On the first case of each shipment.
  • Inside a colored envelope securely attached to the first case.
  • A packing list must be provided to Ascena by electronic data transfer e-mail no later than the time of shipment.

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