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Lowe’s Special Orders Sales (SOS) program provides Lowe’s vendors with additional revenue opportunities in Lowe’s stores and is one of the  primary growth vehicles. As with any major initiative, Lowe’s is constantly reviewing the operational model, looking for ways to reduce costs for both  customers and suppliers. The implementation of EDI for Special Orders is one of Read More →

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Von Maur EDI Mapping State Routing Guidelines Von Maur EDI Mapping State Routing Guidelines described below regard to FOB Vendor Warehouse Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Washington D.C., Wyoming, California – zips 955 & 961, New York – zips 120-149. Read More →

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GS1 Standard Usage For Electronic Data Interchange GS1 Standard history is closely connected to a bar code. Today bar code is a usual thing. But its history began in 1974 when a chewing gum with a barcode on it was scanned for the first time. That day set further development of the global bar-coding including EDI Read More →

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General ticket requirements Vendors are responsible for ticketing. The Von Maur DC does not generate or supply tickets to Vendors. Ticket through the vendor label if ticketing on the garment will damage the item. Ticket non-apparel items, taking care to not damage the product. Do not ticket around the buttons of the garment. Do not Read More →

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General directives Mark all cartons with the store labeling information. DO NOT PREPAY FREIGHT AND ADD FREIGHT CHARGES TO THE MERCHANDISE INVOICE(S), or send separate invoices with freight charges. Merchandise invoices that contain freight charges will be paid net of freight. Von Maur does not reimburse Vendors for any prepaid shipments. If you mistakenly ship “prepaid” Read More →

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Von Maur Packing Guidelines for Vendors Von Maur Packing requirements are essential for proper merchandise and supply process including EDI. All vendors should stick to Von Maur Packing general instructions described below. Merchandise not shipped to these Von Maur Packing specifications can experience delays in processing and loss of time on the selling floor, along with Read More →

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Von Maur UPC Requirements For Vendors Von Maur UPC guides described in today’s post cover basic requirements for Von Maur vendors. The UPC is the essential component of EDI and is utilized in the transmission of all EDI documents. Following Von Maur UPC guidelines and steps will ensure that your company is positioned for a successful Read More →

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General requirements EDI is a paperless electronic transmission of data that expedites communication between the Retailer and Vendor, improves accuracy, and lowers costs by reducing redundant data entry. Von Maur’s Vendors are expected to be EDI if the Vendor has EDI capability. The EDI Coordinator may contact a Vendor to see if EDI is a possibility Read More →

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Stater Bros EDI: NEX/DEX Standards Definition Stater Bros EDI requirements are a part of general Stater Bros. vendor program. To evaluate and address the risks of human mistakes in its product supply chain documents processing, Stater Bros. Markets verification process consists solely of asking its direct suppliers to use electronic data interchange communication and their products comply with Read More →