edi testing

EDI Schedule Test Period (BWS EDI Testing Phases) Each test submitter is required to contact the BWC EDI Test Coordinator to schedule a test period. The BWC EDI Test Coordinator will review testing guidelines with the test submitter, address any questions and confirm the scheduled time frames in which each direct-filing Trading Partner/EDI Transaction Partner will submit test Read More →

Test Plan Procedures

Test Plan Procedures (BWC Direct-filing Trading Partners and/or EDI Transaction Partners) Test Plan Procedures set by BWC include six steps in the BWC testing process: 1. Schedule Test Period 2. Generation of Notice of Compensation Denial 3. Generation of Notice Stopping Temporary Compensation Payable 4. Generation of Notice of Temporary Compensation Payable 5. Generation of Notice of Read More →

EDI testing

BWC EDI Testing (The Bureau of Workers’ Compensation) During the testing period all EDI Transaction Partners will verify that each Trading Partner is able to meet the BWC Claims EDI requirements. Direct filing Trading Partners will complete their own verification to meet the requirements set forth within the updated BWC Claims EDI Implementation Guide. Although approved EDI Transaction Read More →

GS1 Data Capture

GS1 Data Capturing Standards GS1 Data Carriers are capable of holding varying amounts of data to accommodate different needs for different products. The data encoded in GS1 Data Carriers not only uniquely identifies products at every level of packaging, it provides access to product information and visibility of product movement through the supply chain. Barcodes Read More →

GS1 Information Sharing

GS1 Information Sharing Standards With GS1 Standards as the common language of business, trading partners can seamlessly share information to support data synchronization, as well as the exchange of transactional and physical event data about products moving through the supply chain. Master data: The Global Data Synchronization NetworkTM (GDSN®) enables immediate electronic sharing of standardized, up-to-date product data, Read More →

GS1 Healthcare Standards

GS1 Healthcare Standards (Identification) The widespread use of GS1 Standards has revolutionized efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness in a range of industries. Recognizing the impact that industry-wide adoption of a common language can have, GS1 Healthcare US® is committed to helping the industry improve efficiency and quality for lower costs, more streamlined care delivery, and better Read More →

EDI Global Data

Global Data Synchronization Network The Global Data Synchronization NetworkTM (GDSN®) is the electronic transfer of standardized product information between trading partners and the continuous synchronization of that information over time. The GDSN helps to support all partners in having access to the same, accurate information. It’s all about product master data, which includes product attributes Read More →


UCC (Uniform Code Council): Promoting Global Business Standards UCC (stands for Uniform Code Council) is an organization that establishes and promotes multi-industry standards for product identification and related electronic communication including B2B. Until 1972 Uniform Code Council was known as the Uniform Grocery Product Code Council. The goal of UCC is to enhance the global Read More →


BWS EDI Claim Administrator-specific Match Data Elements BWS EDI Claim Administrator FEIN (DN0187) must be in a valid format & belong to a valid, PA-registered, Third Party Administrator or a PA-licensed Insurer. Insurers who are not registered to administrate on behalf of another Insurer should not have their FEIN in this field if their FEIN is not also Read More →

EDI Information

EDI Information and Data Reporting Guidelines (Commonwealth of Pennsylvania) For Date of Injury, if the employee or other relevant individual providing the data is uncertain about the exact date, use the earliest date about which there is some degree of certainty or the date that you received notice of the accident, whichever is earlier. For Read More →