EDI Messages Validation

EDI Messages Validation Process (Working with provider) Testing is the essential phase of EDI implementation with a provider. It involves both parties: a provider sends business documents to your trading partner, and the trading partner checks the transactions and sends back the necessary responses to a definite transaction. If the supplier returns an incorrect message, Read More →

EDI webinars

Interoperability Testing In Electronic Data Interchange Interoperability Testing is a kind of software checking that confirms whether the definite software can interoperate with partner software or its components. The successful results of interoperability testing proves the required functionality between communicating systems as required by specifications. There are different levels of EDI interoperability testing: Physical Interoperability Read More →

Data fabric architecture

Data fabric architecture approach: ways, data drives the future All modern business processes are based on data. More and more businesses have become data-driven and build their data architecture. It ensures that data is collected, stored, and used based on the needs of the definite relevant user as well as corresponding workflows.¬† One of the Read More →

EDI training

Why company staff needs EDI training? Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a technology that allows businesses to exchange information electronically, such as orders, invoices, and shipping information. EDI education is important for company staff, as it helps them understand how to properly use the technology, as well as how it can benefit the organization.¬†This can Read More →