Volvo EDI Invoice: WebEDI Modifications Volvo EDI Invoice upgraded part (an upgraded version of the invoicing part of WebEDI) was launched in 2006. The reason why this Volvo EDI Invoice new version has been developed is related to the European legislation concerning invoices valid from 2004-01-01. Both the AP (Production material) and the NAP (Non automotive products) functions for creating Read More →

Xerox EDI transmission methods: Secure FTP/MOVEit DMZ Xerox EDI transmission methods for Trading Partners include the following: Xerox EDI Direct, FTPs or sFTP, MOVEit DMZ, WINASAP5010. Xerox EDI transmission is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. This availability is subject to scheduled and unscheduled maintenance downtime. It is operational policy to schedule preventative maintenance periods on weekends Read More →

Xerox EDI Direct: Healthcare Solutions Xerox EDI Direct, a leader in healthcare technology, provides EDI clearinghouse services to providers enrolled with various insurance companies and in contracted healthcare plans. We’ll outline the procedures necessary for engaging in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) with Xerox EDI system and supplies specific data clarifications where applicable. Xerox EDI Direct Read More →

EDI AS2 Connection: Communication And Business Integration EDI AS2 connection is released by Volvo via support server authentication by verifying CA’s (certificate authorities) as trust model. If server certificate has been verified by trusted CA, Volvo will trust the server. Volvo support server authentication by verifying CA’s (certificate authorities) as trust model for EDI AS2 connection. If server Read More →

EDI Communication And Business Integration for the Volvo Group Vendors (OFTP2) EDI Communication at Volvo includes implemented session level encryption by using Transport Layer Security (TLS). The TLS provides data confidentiality by encryption of all protocol commands and data exchanged between Volvo Group and its partners. This will provide enough security, preventing a third party from extracting any Read More →

ASC X12 (Accredited Standards Committee X12): Uniform Standards For Global EDI ASC X12 was chartered by the Accredited Standards Committee X12 to join North American companies using Electronic Data Interchange under common inter-industry standards. Today ASC X12 standards are supported by approximately half million companies using EDI transactions around the world. ASC X12 is closely Read More →

EDI training schedule for the fall of 2018 EDI Training schedule – online and on-site classes are offered by the EDI Academy for new and advanced EDI learners. We invite individual students and groups of interested staff. EDI Academy is proud to announce the EDI Training class schedule for the fall of 2018. Please let us know if you are interested in registering Read More →

CAQH CORE 155 Operating Rules – Batch Response Time Rule CAQH CORE 155 Operating Rules set one hour as the maximum response time for the availability of the ASC X12 Implementation Acknowledgement (999) as specified in CAQH CORE 155: Batch Response Time Rule. But what is the maximum response time for HTTP message after a Read More →

Flex EDI Program Basic Description And Guidelines For Partners Flex EDI program is used in business relationships o exchange business data or electronic documents, in a structured manner, between trading partners. Flex supports the United Nations rules for Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transport (UN/EDIFACT) the international EDI standards developed under the United Nations. Business-to-business integration, Read More →