CERT Program Processing CERT program ensures a statistically valid random sample; therefore, the improper payment rate calculated from this sample is considered to reflect all claims processed by the Medicare FFS program during the report period. The sample of Medicare FFS claims is reviewed by an independent medical review contractor to determine if they were Read More →

Comprehensive Error Rate Testing Program (Celerian Group Company): Acceptable electronic signature notations Comprehensive Error Rate Testing Program was implemented by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to measure improper payments in the Medicare Fee-for-Service (FFS) program. CERT is designed to comply with the Improper Payments Information Act (IPIA) of 2002, as amended by the Read More →

Electronic Claim Submission To Celerian Group Company (CGS) Electronic Claim Submission is a part of EDI program for providers who conduct business with Celerian Group Company and Medicare electronically. Find some FAQS and answers regarding Electronic Claim Submission below. How can I tell if my claims have been received by CGS? – If claims are electronically submitted from Read More →

EDI Enrollment (Celerian Group Company) A/B MACs and DME MACs EDI Enrollment means that Celerian Group Company (CGS) will obtain an EDI Enrollment form for each provider prior to electronic transfer of data and issuance of system passwords/billing numbers to protect the security of transferred data. CGS will obtain a new EDI Enrollment package or a Read More →

EDI Communication Set Up Basic Steps EDI communication with Union Pacific accepts all types of communications envelopes, although the standard ISA envelope is preferred. Union Pacific will send functional acknowledgments using the communications envelope format utilized by the originating transaction. A functional acknowledgment is an EDI reply to an original EDI message. The acknowledgment indicates that the Read More →

EDI Program (Purchase Orders Union Pacific) EDI program requires inter-departmental coordination and a fresh look at many current business processes. In Union Pacific EDI program there is a wealth of information available: periodicals, commercially available training programs, EDI conferences and trade shows, software and network suppliers, and – perhaps best of all – the sharing Read More →

EDI Data Communication Between Trading Partners EDI Data Communication is released directly (point-to-point between companies) or indirectly via a Value Added Network (VAN). Transentric is able to help establish direct connection to Union Pacific and other trading partners for most EDI transactions. The process improvements that EDI offers are significant and can be dramatic. For example, consider the Read More →

EDI Advantages In Union Pacific Railroad Business Environment EDI advantages show that companies can be more competitive in today’s global business environment. Time Saving Sending an electronic message across the country or around the world requires only seconds or minutes rather than days. Once the message is received, information is available for use immediately without costly and Read More →

EDI Inventory Management For Multichannel Warehousing EDI Inventory Management applications allow to exchange documents in real time and automate processes such as invoicing, order supply form submission, stocks, sales, ledgers, and more. EDI Inventory Management solution can automatically pick the documents up from email or server and send them to an EDI business partner. Company can automate manual Read More →

EDI Requirements (Hardware and Software) EDI Requirements released by Union Pacific Railroad will be useful for suppliers involved in Electronic Data Interchange. Many business documents can be exchanged using EDI, but the two most common are purchase orders and invoices. At a minimum, EDI replaces the mail preparation and handling associated with traditional business communication. However, the real power Read More →