Pretty Good Privacy: Safe And Reliable Encryption Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) is an encryption computer program that provides safe communication and data exchange online. Pretty Good Privacy allows cryptographic privacy and data authentication and is used for signing, encrypting/decrypting texts, e-mails, files. With Pretty Good Privacy e-mail communication becomes more secure. We all know that Read More →

ERA Enrollment Form Additional Guides (Medicare Enrollment) ERA Enrollment Form binding information does not expire if the person who signed that form for a provider is no longer employed by the provider, or that A/B MAC, or CEDI is no longer associated with the Medicare program. Medicare responsibility for ERA Enrollment Form oversight and administration Read More →

Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) Enrollment Process Notes Electronic Remittance Advice Enrollment process provides for collection of the information needed to successfully receive ERA transactions from Medicare and EDI trading partners. This agreement must be executed by each provider that receives ERA either directly to or from Medicare or through a third party. Each provider that Read More →

EDI Enrollment Form Requirements For Medicare Partners EDI Enrollment Form on file with a particular A/B MAC or CEDI signed by providers may or may not be required to submit a new signed EDI Enrollment Form to the same A/B MAC or CEDI each time they change their method of electronic billing or begin to use Read More →

852 Product Activity Data – Orchard Brands Mapping Guides 852 Product Activity Data transaction set can be used by a distributor, warehouse, or retailer to advise a trading partner of inventory, sales, and other product activity information. 852 Product Activity Data enables a trading partner to plan and ship, or propose inventory replenishment quantities, for Read More →

EDI Medicare Enrollments: New Enrollments and Maintenance of Existing Enrollments EDI Medicare Enrollments process provides for collection of the information needed to successfully exchange EDI transactions between Medicare and EDI trading partners and also establishes the expectations for both parties in the exchange. This agreement must be executed by each provider that submits/receives EDI either Read More →

Medicare EDI Enrollment Basic Guidelines Medicare EDI Enrollment process for the Medicare beneficiary inquiry system (HETS 270/271) is currently a separate process. A/B MACs and CEDI are required to furnish new providers that request Medicare claim privileges information on EDI. A/B MACs and CEDI are required to assess the capability of entities to submit data Read More →

The America Reinvestment and Recovery Act Purposes The America Reinvestment and Recovery Act purpose is to provide guidance with the development of nationwide health information technology infrastructure that allows for the electronic use and exchange of information that: (1) ensures that each patient’s health information is secure and protected, in accordance with applicable law; (2) Read More →