International shipments

Do it Best Corp. International Drop Shipment Orders Requirements Any international drop ship purchase order from a Do it Best Corp. member or affiliate requires vendor to complete the following steps: Contact Do it Best Corp. for credit authorization at 260/748-5375. A packing list (copy) and an invoice (copy) must accompany drop shipments sent to the Read More →

EDI Order Processing

Order Processing (Retail Service Center Orders) Do it Best Corp. requires that all purchase orders be processed via EDI. More information about Do it Best Corp. general EDI requirements can be found here. Order Ship Date and Arrival Date All Retail Service Center orders will indicate a specific “Ship Date” and “Arrival Date”. The Ship Read More →

EDI Error Handling

Electronic data interchange (EDI) error handling strategies Handling errors in EDI is vital to maintain data integrity, ensure business continuity, and comply with regulatory standards. Efficient error handling prevents delays in supply chain operations, maintains customer satisfaction, and saves costs associated with manual interventions. It fosters trust with trading partners, safeguarding relationships and reputations within Read More →

Typical EDI Errors

Common errors in the process of electronic data interchange (EDI) Typical errors in the EDI processing can vary depending on the specific circumstances and systems involved. However, some common errors include: 1. Syntax Errors: These occur when EDI messages do not adhere to the required syntax or structure specified by the EDI standard (e.g., ASC X12, Read More →