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EDI Online Webinars – All Industries And Health Care (HIPAA) EDI online webinars offer the opportunity to consult with an expert that has implemented EDI for dozens of companies and trading partners. You can choose between All-Industries or Health Care EDI. Every attendee will become a Certified EDI Professional by the EDI Academy if they complete all six webinars listed Read More →


EANCOM INVOIC (Invoice message) EANCOM Invoice message claims payment for goods or services supplied under conditions agreed between the seller and the buyer. The United Nations Standard Invoice Message, with correct data qualification, serves also as the specification for Debit Note and Credit Note messages. The reference to ‘Invoice’ may be interpreted as conveying the Read More →


EANCOM DESADV Despatch advice message EANCOM Despatch advice message specifies details for goods despatched or ready for despatch under agreed conditions. This message indicates the despatch of goods being delivered or being, returned, and the intent of the transaction is to advise of the detailed contents of a consignment. EANCOM DESADV relates to one seller Read More →

EDI AS2 Information Exchange

EANCOM OSTRPT (Order status report message) EANCOM Order status report EDI transaction is used by a seller or seller’s agent to report status information on an order. EANCOM OSTRPT Message may be sent as a reply to an order status enquiry sent by a buyer or buyer’s agent. Also this transaction is used to report Read More →


EANCOM ORDRSP (Purchase Order Response Message) EANCOM ORDRSP (Purchase Order Response Message) is a message sent from a supplier to a buyer, responding to a Purchase Order message or a Purchase Order Change Request. A supplier may respond for one or more goods items or services. The response may be: an acknowledgement of receipt and Read More →


EANCOM ORDCHG (Purchase order change request message) EANCOM ORDCHG is an EDI message specifying details of the buyer’s request to change a Purchase Order. The message is sent from the buyer to the seller. The basic principle for the usage of the message is that a buyer may request to change, or possibly cancel one Read More →


EANCOM ORDERS (Purchase Order EDI Message) EANCOM ORDERS is an EDI message that contains the details for goods or services ordered under conditions agreed between the seller and the buyer. EANCOM Purchase Order EDI Message refers to Order Messages and is one the most frequently used business transactions. It is recommended that one Purchase Order Read More →


GS1 EANCOM Standard GS1 EANCOM is a subset of the UN/EDIFACT standard (United Nations Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transport). EANCOM contains only the message elements required by business applications and mandated by the syntax. Omitted are optional elements not relevant for GS1 users. EANCOM are Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) standards so that Read More →

EDI Platform Selection (Ameritech’s EDI Billing Program) EDI Platform selection phase is only applicable to first time EDI implementations or companies that will use a separate EDI system for their payment processing. The objective of this phase is to evaluate and select the components required to perform EDI transmissions. The major components are an EDI translator and a Communication Read More →

X12 news

X12 Member Representatives: COVID-19 Information X12, chartered by the American National Standards Institute, made a statement regarding current COVID-19 situation. X12 stated the following: “This is a very difficult time across the globe, and we hope people around the world are listening to the guidance of public health authorities and taking precautions to keep themselves and their communities Read More →