edi outsourcing method

EDI Outsourcing methods – features, advantages and benefits EDI Outsourcing methods  have their own features, advantages and benefits. The first two methods of EDI Outsourcing, Service Bureau and Web/Desktop Access, assume you are new to EDI, or you have an in-house EDI system that you no longer wish to keep. The third method, Remote Administration, assumes you have an in-house Read More →

AT&T edi

EDI billing products description EDI billing AT&T is represented by three EDI Billing Products: EDI Detail Bill EDI Summary Bill EDI Bill Payment. This post addresses the EDI Detail Bill, EDI Summary Bill, and a Customer Service Record option. EDI Bill Payment has a separate Implementation Guide, available upon request from your AT&T Account Representative. EDI Detail Bill Read More →

nordstrom edi

Nordstrom EDI  Transmition Compliance Nordstrom EDI purchase orders transmission must be processed in accordance with published industry guidelines. The applicable Nordstrom vendor purchasing guidelines will also be a must. Verbal orders are not valid unless confirmed with an electronic purchase order. Each party shall be responsible for its own costs related to EDI systems and Nordstrom EDI Read More →

edi integration

EDI Integration Tips for McLane Company Vendors EDI Integration is the first thing supliers must pay attention to starting electronic documents interchange with McLane Company. In previous posts we described 880 Grocery Products Invoice within McLane Company EDI Integration program  as well as Shipping & Routing Information and Bill of Landing Requirements. Below is a list of frequently asked questions which Read More →