Baker and Tailor Backorders requirements and rules Baker and Tailor Backorders are needed when you not have the stock you need for an order immediately available. If stock is not available it will be ordered as needed at your request. You can always allow exceptions to these Baker and Tailor Backorders options on a per-line or per-order Read More →

EDI Training – your effective way of becoming an EDI professional EDI training is not as widely available as it should be. Most companies that implement EDI use staff who are self-taught, or who attend their software vendor’s training sessions. This may seem sufficient for day-to-day EDI operations but in truth it is not adequate. Personnel that Read More →

edi method

EDI Importance and usage in electronic business processing EDI importance in modern business processes can not be described in couple of words. As EDI is constantly developinbg, its role is growing as well. Just like the standards within the phone industry that enable separate parties to easily communicate with one other, data may also be exchanged between Read More →