Party City EDI 810 Invoice Vendor Guidelines

Party City EDI 810 InvoiceParty City EDI 810 Invoice is used for the billing of goods shipped. All Corporate purchase orders received via EDI, must be invoiced using the 810 EDI transaction containing the following information:

  • The Ref Si segment in the ASN must match the REF SI segment on the Invoice and must be unique to each shipment.
  • Each Invoice will have the Ref SI populated to match to its specific ASN shipment. That Ref SI field identifier should only be used for a PO one time and be included on the ASN and the Invoice.
  • A new Ref SI number will be needed for any subsequent shipments against a PO and included on both the ASN and the Invoice.
  • All Franchise invoices must be manually sent to the Franchisee.

810 (Invoice) Data Fields

Header Fields:

  • Invoice Date
  • Invoice number
  • PO Date
  • PO Number
  • Shipment to Invoice ID (REF*SI)
  • Ship to Name
  • Ship to Store Number
  • Vendor Name
  • Vendor Number
  • Terms Discount Percent
  • Terms Discount Due Date
  • Terms Net Due Date
  • Terms Description (Exact Description from 850 Document)
  • Terms Discount Days
  • Terms Net Days
  • Invoice Notes
  • Transaction Set Purpose Code
  • Date Shipped
  • FOB Method
  • FOB Description
  • Bill of Lading/ PRO Number
  • SCAC Code

Detail Fields

  • Line Sequence NumberQ
  • Quantity – as appears on PO
  • Selling Unit of Measure (UOM)
  • Unit Price
  • Vendor Item Number
  • UPC
  • Allowance or Charge Indicator
  • Allowance Code
  • Allowance/Charge Amount
  • Method of Handling
  • Total Invoice Amount – including charges and allowances
  • Invoice Amount – before charges and allowances
  • Transportation Code
  • Number of Units Shipped
  • Routing
  • Weight.

For United States vendors shipping to the consolidation warehouse for Party City Canada stores, all shipments must be accompanied by a manual invoice in addition to the electronic 810.

To learn more about EDI 810 Transaction and become a certified  EDI Professional please visit our course schedule page.

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