Prevea360 ASC X12 Acknowledgments

Prevea360 ASC X12 Acknowledgments And Additional Reporting

Prevea360 will produce a Response Acknowledgement TA1 and Implementation Acknowledgement 999 for every 834 file received. Both of these are placed within the sponsor/trading partners /999 FTP folder for transaction acceptance review.

The TA1 Response Acknowledgement will indicate that the file was successfully received as well as indicate what errors existed within the envelope segments of the received X12 file. Note that if the 834 file cannot be parsed due to enveloping errors, a TA1 response cannot be produced. Trading Partners should review their TA1s to ensure each submitted 834 file was processed as expected.

The 999 Implementation Acknowledgement will indicate whether the transaction set was accepted, rejected or accepted with errors. HIPAA 5010 compliance errors through Level 2 will result in a rejection. In the case of rejection or errors, the 999 will report what syntax errors were encountered. If errors are identified in the 999, the 834 file must be corrected and resubmitted in its entirety.

Additional Reporting

Prevea360 does not produce error or processing reports. If there are questions regarding file processing please refer to TA1 and 999 X12 Acknowledgements produced and placed by us within your FTP folder. The EDI team does not monitor 999 X12 Acknowledgements for Rejections. Following review of these acknowledgements, if you still have questions, please contact the EDI team. The EDI team will not respond to file processing confirmation inquiries. If there are issues or questions on enrollment information submitted, the Enrollment team member assigned to the group will reach out to the Employer Group.

To learn more about EDI companion guidelines and become a certified EDI Professional please visit our course schedule page.

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