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Do it Best Corp. Product Code File (SKU Requirements)

In the Do it Best Corp. effort to support a 6-digit numbering scheme, programming has been performed to accommodate barcoding. Each SKU will support multiple barcodes. This way, if a supplier for a product changes, yet the products are similar in all major respects and can be sold as the same item, Do it Best Corp. will use the same SKU. This will assist members in keeping their sales history on these types of items consolidated, which helps the member when making purchasing decisions. Better buys made at the retail level benefit all participants in the supply chain.

The Do it Best Corp. program will issue a warning if a new item is added without a barcode. Reports of items without barcodes are available for monitoring the status of barcode numbers assigned to each SKU. The Do it Best Corp. Product Code File is programmed to support the use of SCC-14 shipping container codes. The Do it Best Corp. system provides a verification of the check-digit entered when a UPC is input. This is to serve as a means of ensuring the accuracy of the data entry process.

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