Purchase Order Fulfillment

Purchase Order Fulfillment Requirements (Zappos)

Purchase Order Fulfillment rules are obligatory for all Zappos vendors. Failure to confirm or respond to a Purchase Order within two (2) business days shall constitute your acceptance of the order. Purchase Order Fulfillment requirements given below will help vendors to study Zappos demands to EDI business relationships.

  • Ship and Cancel: All orders are ship‐and‐cancel. If your shipments on a Purchase Order do not include all the items ordered, the unshipped portions of the order are automatically cancelled in the Zappos Purchase Order System, 15 days after the last ship date. Also, unshipped portions of the order are automatically cancelled when the Purchase Order is in a “Closed” status in the Zappos Purchase Order  System.
  • Cancellations: Zappos may cancel any Purchase Order by providing you with electronic (such as e-mail or EDI) or written notice of the cancellation beginning thirty days prior to the Start Ship Date.
  • Replacement & Substitute products: Do not substitute or change a product in a shipment provided in a Purchase Order. Sending substitute product will incur a chargeback for any shipping or handling fees to send the items back. Valid orders are communicated via the EDI messaging process.
  • Initial Order: Any Purchase Orders for non-replenishment products must ship 100% complete on the initial shipment. No exceptions.
  • Ship Windows: Zappos uses seven (7) day ship windows on all Purchase Orders but withholds the right to extend when applicable.
  • Start Ship Date: The first date in which the Purchase Order can leave the Vendor’s dock to be shipped to the FC.
  • Last Ship Date: The last date by which the Purchase Order can leave the Vendor’s dock to be shipped to the FC.
  • High Volume Shipping Timeframes: All month end Routing Requests and peak shipments (September through November) should be submitted through the Zappos Routing Request Portal at least three (3) business days prior to the requested Ready to Ship Date.

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