Purchase Order Fulfillment

Purchase Order Fulfillment Requirements (Zappos)

Purchase Order Fulfillment requirements given below will help vendors to study Zappos demands to EDI business relationships. Purchase Order Fulfillment rules are obligatory for all Zappos vendors. Failure to confirm or respond to a Purchase Order within two (2) business days shall constitute your acceptance of the order.

  • Ready to Ship Date: Zappos Purchase Orders can be submitted for routing up to 2 weeks prior to the Start Ship Date. Routing Requests must be submitted at least one (1) business day prior to the date the order is ready to ship. The Ready to Ship Date must fall within the Start Ship Date and Last Ship Date of all requested Purchase Orders. For example, if you submit a Routing Request on Monday, the earliest the Ready to Ship Date can be is Tuesday. Zappos does not allow same day Ready to Ship Dates on Routing Requests. Check the Zappos Purchase Order System to ensure that the Purchase Order is still within the shipping window. Zappos alone will choose to accept or refuse, in whole or part, product shipped without adhering to the Purchase Order Fulfillment rules and guidelines.
  • Dispatch Number: Zappos issues a dynamic Dispatch Number for all shipments. This is the number that should be referenced when inquiring about any delivery. The Dispatch Number should also be included on each ASN (Advanced Shipping Notice ‐ EDI 856).
  • Consolidation: Consolidate all Purchase Orders & brands to ship NO more than twice a week and not on consecutive days out of the SAME facility/address that are shipping to the SAME fulfillment center/address unless you receive prior written authorization from Inbound Logistics. The exception to this would be full truckload shipments (3000 cubic feet). These can be submitted as they become available to ship without limits. The Zappos Inbound Logistics team may choose to consolidate onto a single Dispatch two or more Routing Requests that are destined for the same Fulfillment Center with Ready to Ship Dates that are in proximity of each other. You will be alerted to the consolidation via email. You will also see the Routing Request (s) updated with the same Dispatch Number on the Routing Request Search page of the Zappos Routing Request Portal.
  • EDI Documents: A PO Confirmation (EDI 855), an ASN (Advanced Shipping Notice – EDI 856) and an Invoice (EDI 810) must be sent for all Purchase Orders. No exceptions.

For any non-compliance to the guidelines and policies can result in refusal of delivery. Vendor will agree that he will bear all expenses (including but not limited to those of shipping, return shipping, and restocking) for such deliveries, unless before such shipments are made, vendor receives written approval from Zappos Inbound Logistics Team. You will not be responsible for delays caused by a third‐party shipper if you are complying with Zappos instructions.

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