Purchase Order Transmissions

Purchase Order Transmissions Between Belk And Vendors

Purchase Order Transmissions are usually done after the nightly batch process completes. This is typically in the early morning hours but can be later. Belk is in the Eastern Time Zone (US). To be sure that a Purchase Order you are waiting from Belk has been sent, validate that the PO that you are looking for has not already been received by you or is waiting in your EDI Mailbox for pickup. You may want to schedule another pickup if you are looking for something specific. Every Vendor picks up data from their EDI Mailbox at different times. Please follow the steps below:

  • If you do not receive a PO that you are expecting you should first contact your Buyer to validate that the PO has been transmitted to you.
  • If the PO has been transmitted then contact your Value Added Network (VAN) to investigate.

Reverse Purchase Order

What EDI capabilities must vendors have in order to qualify for participation in the Reverse Purchase Order Process with Belk? First of all, you must be authorized by your Buyer and you must be able to support the following EDI documents:

  • 852 – Product Activity (Point-Of-Sale)
  • 855 – PO Acknowledgement (Reverse PO)
  • 997 – Functional Acknowledgement.

Each PO number can be sent via EDI to Belk only once. Unless directly requested by Belk EDI you cannot retransmit the same RPO PO Number twice as it will reject as a duplicate PO Number.

The items in the GXS Catalog must be setup at least 7 days before you send your RPO. You must meet the following requirements when shipping an RPO:

  • No unapproved SKU substitutions or additions
  • No early or late shipments, i.e. merchandise is shipped before the ‘Not Before Date’ or after the ‘Not After Date’
  • Not more than one shipment per RPO (applicable to retail RPOs only)
  • Adherence to the Belk Billing and Shipping Instructions.

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