REQDOC EDIFACT Message (Request For Document)

REQDOC EDIFACT Message is used to request the last successful CUSRES of an entry. The LRN and or MRN must be provided in the REQDOC. A CUSRES will be sent to verify if the request can be fulfilled or not followed by the CUSRES in question if available. Note request cannot be for CUSRES more than two months in past.

REQDOC EDIFACT may be used for both national and international applications. It is based on universal practice related to administration, commerce and transport, and is not dependent on the type of business or industry. The message is used to request a document to be sent, either electronically or otherwise. Its use should be limited to requesting documents, for which there is no other more specific message already provided (e.g. Request for Quotation).

EDIFACT standard

Parties can request documents on their own behalf, or on behalf of third parties. The message can be used to request individual documents by identity, or by specifying product and/or other related data to retrieve all relevant documents. Typical uses of the Request for Document Message are to request information from a data base (e.g. requesting a copy of a test certificate), requesting catalogue data, and requesting statements of account.

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