Reyher Electronic Data Interchange

Reyher Electronic Data Interchange Basic Data

Reyher Electronic Data Interchange allows all procurement documents to be transferred electronically instead of manual interruption that slows down business operational processes. Orders or call-offs are made by mouse click and automatically exchanged between the business partners using Reyher Electronic Data Interchange. In addition order confirmation, shipping advice and invoices can be exchanged electronically, reducing the customers’ manual effort considerably.

Paperless processes save time and reduce errors: checks can be carried out directly in the customers system. Identifying characteristics like item and order numbers retained. Tried and tested standards for electronic notification keep implementation effort to a minimum.  REYHER offers customers flexible alternatives for notification standards such as  IdocXML, openTrans, EDIFACT or own formats – REYHER offers many Options. REYHER has it own EDI Team and even ist own converter available.

EDI Order (ORDERS) or EDI delivery forecast (DELFOR)

Similar to conventional order on paper this includes purchaser details and item information. In comparison to paper documents exchange Reyher Electronic Data Interchange provides faster and more effective business transactions transfer. EDI delivery forecast (DELFOR) transcations enable precise supply chain operation.

EDI Invoice (INVOIC) 

Using Reyher Electronic Data Interchange electronic invoice for payment is entered directly into customer’s resource planning and payment system for further operation. This automates invoice payment procedures and reduces costs.

EDI Dispatch Notification (DESADV)

This electronic document provides information about the detailed content of the shipment and delivery dates. The information contained in DESADV is sent to the customer’s resource planning system as soon as the goods leave the Reyher warehouse. Also, EDI Dispatch Notification transmits specific data that makes the process of goods reception at the customer warehouse easier and precise.

Reyher Electronic Data Interchange Transmission Paths:

  • X.400 (Telebox)
  • FTP (Customer server)

Supported EDI Message Formats:

  • IDoc-XML (SAP-XML)
  • openTRANS (XML standard)
  • VDA 49xx (automotive)
  • ANSI X12
  • Customer-specific format.

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