Rite Aid follows the ANSI ASC X12 guidelines for version(s) 4010 and 5010

Rite Aid requires that the vendor reply with the 997 Functional Acknowledgment within 24 hours of transmission for each interchange received. Each 997 must support transaction set acknowledgment. For each interchange received, Rite Aid will generate within 24 hours a 997 that acknowledges each transaction set within the interchange.

Electronic Data Interchange provides significant cost savings over using paper to conduct business and Rite Aid is committed to realizing as much of these savings as possible. Rite Aid has identified certain types of data (e.g., partner name and address) which are unnecessary when conducting business electronically. Rite Aid will make every effort to avoid transmitting unnecessary data.

Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders transmitted to the partner will be in the industry standard ANSI ASC X12. Rite Aid currently transmits and receives data hourly. Transmission times may be revised in the future. Functional Acknowledgments are required upon the receipt of the Rite Aid generated purchase order and should be transmitted to Rite Aid within 24 hours of transmission. If you cannot send a Functional Acknowledgment within 24 hours of receiving the purchase order, please contact Rite Aid’s EDI Department.

Transmission Schedule

  • Rite Aid sends data to the mailboxes on the OpenText network hourly (EST) at the top of each hour.
  • Rite Aid receives data from the mailboxes on the OpenText network hourly (EST) at the bottom of each hour.
  • This transmission schedule is subject to change as business requirements necessitate.

To learn more about EDI and become a certified EDI Professional please visit our course schedule page.

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