Ryder EDI 810

Ryder EDI 810 Configuration (via Ariba Network)

Vendor must configure the production and test accounts appropriately to post EDI 810’s. Please follow the steps below to enable your account(s). You only need to complete steps 4-10 if you have not already configured your order routing method for EDI.

  1. Login to your production account on the Network
  2. From the Home page, click the Administration tab
  3. From the Administration page, click the Configuration link
  4. Under Electronic Invoice Routing, click the check box and then click on the Configure link. If you have already configured your account, this link will read Configured with the date that the configuration was completed. You can always update your configuration by clicking on the Edit Configuration link.
  5. Under the Sending Method for Invoices select EDI.
  6. Select the Click here for Configuration link under Options.
  7. Enter your X12 or EDIFACT trading partner details. You will need the following information:
    • VAN
    • Interchange Control Number (default is 100)
    • Application (GS) ID
    • Functional Group Control Number (default is 100)
    • ISA Qualifier
    • ISA ID
    • Notification email address if document is undeliverable. Make sure to click on the check box here as well
    • Click the ‘Submit’ button when complete
    • From the Electronic Invoice Routing screen click on Save
    • Click Done to exit the configuration screen

Open a case with Ariba Technical Support requesting EDI Interconnect setup. To do this, from the Home page, click on the ‘Help’ link located on the upper right hand side of the page and choose Contact Support. Fill out the Ariba Customer Support Form. Select “EDI Interconnect Setup” as the Category of Issue. In the Issue Description box, request an EDI interconnect and identify your VAN. In this request, include both your production and test ISA ID and qualifier information if they are different.

If you would like to transmit EDI via AS2, you can include that information in this request as well. Ariba will notify you when the VAN interconnect is in place so you may begin transacting. If you prefer to transact via AS2, indicate as such in your support request. Ariba Technical Support will contact you directly to swap certificates.

Follow steps above to configure your test account accordingly. If you are the account administrator, you can log in to your test account by going to the Home page and clicking on the “Switch to Test Account” link in the upper right hand corner.

Ariba EDI Interchange Details

  • Test ISA Qualifier: ZZ ID: ARIBAEDI
  • Production ISA Qualifier: ZZ ID: ARIBAEDI

ARIBAEDI is always used. Ariba SN does not use a separate sender/receiver ID for test data. Test interchanges are to be determined by ISA15.

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