Ryder EDI Testing

Ryder EDI Testing Basics

With the release of AN45, suppliers have the option of using Ariba’s EDI Tester tool accessed via a supplier’s test account on Ariba SN to assist in validating their inbound X12 transactions (855, 856 and 810) against Ariba’s EDI implementation guidelines.

The EDI Tester affords a way for suppliers to test as they wait for interconnect setup. The tester only validates the file according to Ariba’s guidelines. The file must post to validate against invoice rules setup on the Network. Only one transaction set (ST occurrence) may be tested at a time. ISA15 must be sent in test mode (‘T’) as only test files are supported at this time.

EDI configuration must be in place in order to use the EDI tester (ISA/GS maintained) as the tool will validate these values as provided in the ISA/GS envelope.

EDI Testing Access

  • Login to test account
  • Click the EDI Tester link (left side under Tools) from the Home page
  • On the next page, upload the X12 file (Invoice, Order Confirmation, Advance Ship Notice)
    and click the ‘Validate Document’ button. Note, the interchange envelop (ISA/GS) with the
    data configured in their test account is required.

Ariba SN will validate the file in accordance with Ariba’s X12 guidelines for the transaction. The UI will render any translation errors the supplier would encounter had they sent the file through the VAN.

To learn more about EDI testing and become a certified EDI Professional please visit our course schedule page.

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