EDI Vendor Invoice

Ryder EDI Vendor Invoice Guidelines and Scheme

The diagram depicts the different systems working together to automate Ryder EDI Vendor Invoice process. A step by step description is as follows:

  • Supplier generates an EDI document and sends it to VAN.
  • Supplier’s VAN forwards 810 to the Inovis: Access VAN.
  • The Inovis:Access VAN forwards it to Ariba Network.
  • Ariba Supplier Network translates it to the corresponding cXML document type.
  • Ariba Supplier Network applies any order status information to the purchase order and its line items displayed online. The Ariba Network stores a copy of each invoice in your outbox and Ryder’s inbox.
  • Ariba Supplier Network sends the cXML document to a download queue for your customer.
  • If the invoice passes the Ariba Supplier Network validation rules setup by Ryder, it will be put in the queue for Ryder to download.
  • Once Ryder receives the invoice there are a number of checks performed to ensure the data is correct and it is then sent for approval to the contact in the invoice. The checks on the data may result in an invoice rejection and a Rejected Invoice message will be sent to the supplier.
  • Once the invoice is approved it is then sent to Accounts Payable for payment.

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