Saks EDI ASN Shipments Requirements

Saks EDI ASN Shipments help decrease human error and processing time. An Advance Shipment Notice (ASN) is an electronic packing slip that allows to upload receipt information directly into the system and eliminate data entry. Most importantly, EDI sets the stage that allows merchandise to be cross-docked through Saks distribution centers to the selling floor accurately and efficiently.

Saks Fifth Avenue requires all vendors to provide Saks EDI ASN (Manifest) and a related GS1-128 Shipping Container label with all shipments. Vendors that are not EDI compliant must follow Non-ASN Shipments guidelines. Following the Non-ASN Shipments guidelines does not exempt a vendor from the EDI-ASN requirements. An expense offset fee will be assessed for all merchandise not in compliance with our EDI-ASN standards, including violation code 78 – NO ASN.

Saks EDI ASN must be created following the GS1 guidelines with all the required Saks Fifth Avenue segments. Your ASN must:

  • Be tested and certified by Saks EDI Office before going into production. Vendors are required to notify the SFA EDI Office to begin testing.
  • Be transmitted without delay prior to receipt of goods to our distributions center/stores or an expense offset fee will be assessed for late ASN.
  • Be transmitted accurately. Saks Distribution centers consistently conduct audits to ensure that this is being achieved. If Saks Fifth Avenue identifies vendor errors, an expense offset fee will be assessed.
  • Be a consolidated VICS 856 Advance Ship Notice/Manifest at the carton level.
  • Вe prepared by separate Bills of Lading and by DC location. For small package carrier (FedEx, UPS), a separate ASN is required for each carton. Be sure to include the tracking number in the REF ‘CN’ segment.
  • Reflect the same BOL number in the REF ‘BM’ segment that is used on the paper or electronic document (810). An expense offset fee will be assessed if either the BOL number is missing from an ASN or it does not match the BOL document.

In order for EDI vendors to discontinue sending packing slips, you must demonstrate the ability to quickly re-transmit an ASN upon request and obtain approval from the Vendor Relations Office.

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