Saks EDI Purchase Order

Saks EDI Purchase Order General Vendor Requirements

Saks EDI Purchase Order guidelines subject to general EDI vendor requirements. There are two types of valid Saks EDI Purchase Order:

  1. An EDI document (850 Buyer Generated or 855 Vendor Generated)
  2. A paper document (“SPI” computer generated or “Vendor copy” system printout) which states “This order is subject to the Terms and Conditions found on”
  • Vendor should not accept verbal commitments, phone orders, or worksheets. Vendor must verify all the information on the purchase order document. If details are not accurate, contact the appropriate Buying Office.
  • Do not ship merchandise until you receive verification that all issues have been resolved by requesting an EDI retransmission, a hard copy of the actual order, or system screen print that displays the purchase order numbers.
  • Upon receipt of Saks purchase order, take the time to verify all the information on the document. If the details are not accurate, contact the appropriate buying office and resolve the issue(s) prior to shipping.
  • If purchase order changes are required, request the buying office to retransmit the Saks EDI Purchase Order, send you a new vendor copy, or provide a screen print of the change for your records to ensure the corrections have been made. No hand written buyer notes, verbal or phone agreements will be honored by SFA Vendor Relations Office.

All merchandise must be received pre-distributed and packed by store unless specifically authorized by the buying office.

EDI is a basic requirement for doing business with Saks Fifth Avenue. Vendors must comply with EDI requirements. EDI is a paperless electronic transmission system which provides vendor and retailer the opportunity to:

  • Expedite communication between the retailer and vendor at a more detailed (color/size) level
  • Eliminate paper media and manual processing
  • Contain costs by reducing redundant data entry and lowering required weeks of supply.

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