Saks Fifth Avenue EDI Order

Saks Fifth Avenue EDI Order Fulfillment Details

Saks Fifth Avenue EDI Order Fulfillment guidelines refer to quality standards, shippment notifications , delayed shipments, cancelled orders etc.

Product must be packaged sufficiently to prevent damage during shipping. All products must have a unique UPC which is either on a hang tag, shoe box or packaged box. Items must be in saleable condition.

Pricing: Do not include retail on the UPC ticket. Issues should be discussed with the Vendor Drop Ship team

Vendor using EDI as the method of data transmission must send an EDI 856 Advance Ship Notice (ASN) the same day the order ships. The 856 must contain the carrier tracking information in the BOL field. ASN is used to notify the customer that the merchandise has shipped and provides them the tracking number. It also triggers the sale charging the customer for the shipment. Vendor is the shipper of record. It is the vendor’s responsibility to resolve issues regarding shipping and deliveries. Per freight terms, Saks provides one pre-paid shipping label in Radial per Saks Fifth Avenue EDI Order. If the pre-paid label is not utilized, the order is subject to non-payment.

Vendor must maintain a 98% or higher fulfillment rate while participating in the Drop Ship Program to maintain Saks’ expected service levels. If vendor is unab le to maintain the expected rate, Saks will review assortment and determine if items should be removed from the site or program. Radial emails vendor daily for orders that have not been shipped within the predetermined timeframe. If there is a shipping delay, vendor is responsible for notifying Saks and Radial and updating estimated ship dates. Orders for any item not available due to a “no inventory” disposition must be cancelled if the order cannot be filled within the predetermined timeframe from the date the order is downloaded.

Vendor must notify Saks within 1 business day of any item that cannot be fulfilled. Vendor can request cancellations in Radial and will be approved by Saks. If line item(s) on an order must be cancelled, a new assignment of a tracking number will be provided by Radial account manager and Vendor Drop Ship team upon notification. Orders fulfilled after a cancellation has been requested by consumer will result in non-payment by Saks. High vendor cancellation rate may result in removal from the Drop Ship Program. Vendor incurs the cost of shipment for replacing a mis-shipped items. Vendor must notify Saks and Radial of carrier and new tracking number. Mis-shipped orders include but not limited to:

  • Wrong merchandise was shipped to customer
  • Incorrect quantity of items shipped to customer, without notification of cancellation
  • Missing parts of the item(s)

Radial Inventory Manager allows vendor to send item inventory updates through routine file uploads (including EDI 846 files) or browser-based interfaces. This feature provides customers and customer service representatives with inventory visibility. Vendor is responsible for applying safety factors (safety stock) prior to sending the inventory feed. The safety factor is used to ensure the vendor can fulfill every order against the available inventory communicated. The goal is to minimize the possibility of taking orders throughout the day on items that are out of stock resulting in order
cancellations and a poor customer experience. The safety factor value should be dependent on the number of retailers sharing the inventory and the vendor’s historical metrics. Inventory must be sent daily at a minimum, unless otherwise agreed upon between the vendor and Saks. If vendor cannot send inventory on weekends, the safety factor value must take this into consideration. If the vendor’s fulfillment center is to be closed for 3 consecutive business days or more, the vendor must provide a 2 week notice to Saks and Radial as well as send 0 in the inventory feed while operations are suspended.

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