Saks Fifth Avenue EDI PO Additional Information and Special Procedures

Saks Fifth Avenue EDI PO additional information concerns “Received-Not-Ordered” shipments, Partial shipments and back orders and EDI System-to-System.

Saks Fifth Avenue EDI POSaks Fifth Avenue EDI PO specifies style, color, size of each unit for each store. All vendors are expected to ship according to the issued and approved purchase order. Units not shipped accordingly to style, color, size and store will be considered overages and/or substitutions and will be classified as Received-Not-Ordered. Received Not Ordered negatively impacts the open-to-buy process making it difficult to effectively manage the overall business. It is important to ship units correctly to ensure best customer service in our stores. Various circumstances and changes may impact the initial purchase order prior to shipping. Any changes made will be communicated by the buying office. It is your responsibility to request an EDI-PO retransmission or a hard copy reprint of the updated purchase order as confirmation of the change.

Please be advised Saks Fifth Avenue reserves the right to refuse or return shipment without vendor authorization. Saks Fifth Avenue also reserves the right to keep the Received-Not-Ordered units and assess the appropriate expense offset fee.

Saks Fifth Avenue accepts partial and back order shipments as long as the purchase order remains approved and is shipped prior to the Cancel date. Do not substitute any units on any purchase order. If you cannot ship as specified, please communicate with your buying office.

For the EDI System-To-System method, the vendor will receive EDI transmissions from Radial. This will require testing and can take up to 8 weeks. Radial can transmit files on any regular schedule as required by vendor and will retrieve files throughout the day on a periodic batch basis. Radial will transmit new orders to vendor as they are provided to Radial from Saks customers. EDI file transmissions can be transmitted via FTP or through private interconnect with a VAN, provided that there are no additional fees incurred by Saks or Radial for such connection.

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