Integration Guidelines

Public Key Infrastructure Integration Guidelines

The following steps need to be followed when applying for PKI.

Step 1. Requesting Digital Certificate

For clients that wish to use the Internet to transfer EDI data the client must complete a DA 185.4A6 to request a Digital Certificate from SARS. Although the applicant may already have completed this form when the application was lodged originally to request Electronic Communication, (as specified under the section “How to register for Electronic Commerce with SARS“) it needs to be completed again for verification purposes.

Step 2. Additional documents

In addition to the documents required in Section F on the DA 185.4A6, the application must be accompanied by the following documents.

  • A Covering letter requesting a Digital Certificate from SARS. This covering letter must state, over and above the company particulars, the client’s Customs/Agent Code and whether the applicant is a new or existing EDI user. This covering letter must be printed on an official company letterhead.
  • DA 185.4A6 All sections on the DA 185.4A6 are mandatory and must be completed.
  • ID Book/Valid Passport of the authorised person in terms of Section D (Authority to apply) of the DA 185.4A6.
  • Certified copy of the ID document/Valid Passport of the above mentioned authorised person. It should be noted that the person designated in Section D of the DA 185.4A6, who also appears on the resolution/consent or any other authority, must present the application in person and will be subjected to the verification process. The cell phone number and e-mail address are mandatory requirements and must be completed.

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