Setting Up EDI communication

Setting Up EDI Communication (Volkswagen Group Of America EDI Program)

Setting Up EDI communication runs solely via the VWAG computer center in Wolfsburg. VWAG acts as a service provider of Volkswagen Group of America and therefore Volkswagen Group of America is able to use and provide access to the Volkswagen supplier portal.

Applying for the ODETTE code

You are required an organization code called ODETTE-ID (“OSCAR – code”) in order to communicate with Volkswagen Group of America.

Network connection / OFTP2 software

Depending on the network service you have selected, you will have to apply for an appropriate connection from a network operator. All communication will run via the OFTP2 standard. Therefore you will have to get an OFTP2 software. Altogether you will need: Internet connection + digital certificate + ODETTE-ID + OFTP2 Software.

Applying to set up a technical connection

To set up an EDI connection to Volkswagen Group of America, go to
and use the “EDI-Antrag / EDI application form” fax/email form. Please do not send the form until you have received the ODETTE-ID from the VDA and your network connection provided by a network provider is operational. Once you have sent the fax/email application, you will receive an email detailing the missing parameters (e.g. the send and receive password required for the connection). You will also receive the station ID defined for you when the connection is set up. This station ID is used as a clear identification for EDI communication with you.

Transmission test

Before the EDI transmissions are used for operational purposes, you have to test the transmission path. The Wolfsburg computer center provides a loop test for this purpose. You have to send a non-empty file with any contents (and no larger than 10 KB) with the name “LOOPTEST” to the Wolfsburg computer center (station ID = R11). When the file is received successfully at the Wolfsburg computer center, it is automatically returned to you. Once you have received the loop test file, you will know that data transfer in both directions is possible. If, in an exceptional case, the loop test is insufficient for testing the technical connection, the Wolfsburg computer center can transmit a test file.

Live operation

After a successful loop test, or after test data have been successfully transmitted, the connection is released for live data exchange. In general, the EDI standard process begins with the delivery pre-advice.

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