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Receipt of IGM information from EDI System (SEZ Online System)

In EDI system, Bill of Entry is processed only if it is successfully linked to IGM / Console Manifest filed by cargo carrier / handling agencies. As IGM is not filed in SEZs, the same was not available earlier with SEZ Online System and could not be used to validate the BOE filed by SEZ Units. With commencement of data exchange, EDI system will provide the IGM data to SEZ Online system.

IGM data will be provided after in-warding process is completed. This will be used to match SEZ BOE against IGM data. Data Exchange benefits can be achieved only for such BOE which are successfully matched against IGM data. As IGM received by SEZ Online System from EDI will be based on filing of IGM in EDI System, SEZ Importers must ensure that they suitably advise their shipping line / cargo carrier/console agent to file correct IGM information and specifically declare SEZ port code while filing IGM information.

Bill of Entry (BoE) filing

Importer will file Bill of Entry (BOE) in SEZ Online System. Importer must ensure that IGM details in BOE are completely matching with the IGM Data available on ICEGATE website. Accuracy on following data points is of utmost importance:

  1. IGM Number (if declared in BOE);
  2. IGM Date (if declared in BOE);
  3. MAWB / MBL Number & Date;
  4. HAWB / HBL Number & Date, if applicable;
  5. Customs House Code: Importer must declare the Port Code of the Airport / Sea Port where goods actually land in India. Corresponding field name in BOE module is “Destination Gateway Port Name” e.g. INMAA1 for Chennai Sea and INBOM4 for Sahar Air Cargo. Ensure that SEZ port code is not entered in this field. If SEZ port code is entered matching will be unsuccessful and BOE cannot be exchanged with EDI system for further processing;
  6. Gross Weight & Unit of Gross Weight;
  7. Package Count & Unit of Package Count;
  8. Container Number, Seal Number & Seal Date.

Marks & Numbers Note

It has been observed that HAWB/HBL numbers entered by importers is incomplete i.e. correct number as per IGM filed on ICEGATE is ABC15040173 but carrier has informed only numeric part of the number i.e. 15040173 and same is entered by the Importer in BOE. Such cases cannot be matched and BOE cannot be sent to ICEGATE. Therefore enter information which is completely matching with IGM information on ICEGATE website.

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