Shaw's Packing And Marking

Shaw’s Packing And Marking Supplier Guidelines

Shaw’s Packing And Marking instructions provide key information on the requirements for distribution and transportation to all Shaw’s distribution center locations. All packaging must meet standards set by Shaw’s Supermarkets, Inc. Packaging must conform to the Shaw’s Packing And MarkingRequirements, freight carrier’s requirements and be able to withstand the normal hazards of transportation. Packaging must withstand normal warehouse storage conditions. All shipments must be tendered to the carriers in a sorted and segregated manner and the notation “merchandise tendered in a sorted and segregated manner” must also appear in the body of the Bill of Lading. All product purchased by Shaw’s must be delivered with sufficient shelf life to allow for normal distribution and retail activities to occur in selling that product at retail. Any product delivered to Shaw’s without sufficient shelf life to allow for these activities may result in refusal of the goods at Shaw’s dock and a charge-back to your company for additional costs, and administrative expenses.

Shipping cartons must be identified with the some or all of the following information:

  • Complete Item Description Including Pack and Size
  • Easily Readable “Sell by Date”, Use by Date, or Pack Date
  • Case Pack
  • UPC Code or Vendor Item Code Number
  • Precautionary markings such as “Glass”, “Fragile”, “Handle with Care”, etc.
  • Net weight in pounds and open coded “sell by”, “use by”, or “pack dates” must be prominently displayed on each shipping carton
  • Sell by date markings for open coded merchandise must be consistent on both the inside and outside of the shipping carton.

“Sell by Date” information must be easily readable by dock personnel, and must include the words “sell by date” , “use by date”, or “pack date”

Supplier’s goal in regard to case marking should be to assure expedited item identification by Shaw’s receiving personnel at the time vendor product arrives at Shaw’s Distribution Centers. All exterior product packaging markings for product dating must be consistent with the dating on the retail selling unit.

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