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Shaw’s Shipping Requirements (Documents Accordance)

Shaw’s Shipping instructions require that all shipping documents must be certified stating that the shipment is properly packed, marked and placarded. Failure to do so may result in a charge-back to supplier company for additional costs, and administrative expenses. IAll products must be shipped in case quantities and case pack as specified by in the Shaw’s Purchase Order. Product shipped in wrong case quantities or case pack may result in refusal of the product at Shaw’s facilities and/or charge-backs to supplier company to cover additional costs, and administrative expenses.

Accurate case dimensions, cube, weight must be provided to Shaw’s and maintained on all items ordered from supplier. Any product not ordered by Shaw’s may be refused back to the carrier for shipment back to the shipper on a “Freight Collect” basis and/ or may result in a direct charge-back to supplier company to cover associated costs, and administrative expenses.

All products must be shipped according to Shaw’s Shipping instructions. If instructions are to ship palletized, then products must be shipped on either CHEP, PECO, iGPS rental pallets or one-way pallets meeting Shaw’s current pallet specifications (GMA Grade A, 4-way, 48”x40”). Shaw’s does not accept Slip-sheets in lieu of pallets for shipments at its Distribution Centers. Also, the following should be noted in the body of the bill of lading – “Carrier: Do not cut shrink-wrap, do not break down pallet”.

Shaw’s prefers that all products be shipped to Shaw’s Ti & Hi specifications. If your company does not have Shaw’s Ti & Hi specifications, it is your responsibility to obtain them from your Shaw’s procurement representative. Freight not tendered to the carrier on either CHEP, PECO, iGPS or GMA Grade A, 4-way, 48″ x 40″ pallets in conformance with Shaw’s instructions and pallet Ti & Hi specifications, must be segregated by the carrier onto Shaw’s supplied pallets at theshipper’s expense and may result in refusal of the shipment at Shaw’s dock and/or charge-backs against your company for additional costs, lost sales, and administrative expenses.

When shipping multiple Purchase Orders on a single day, each purchase order must be tendered to the carrier on a separate bill of lading, and in a sorted and segregated manner. Two or more Purchase Orders cannot be mixed on one pallet and, the product must be shipped in such a way that the Purchase Orders are clearly, individually identifiable. Failure to ship to these specifications could result in refusal of the freight at Shaw’s dock and/or charge-backs to your company account for additional costs, lost sales, and administrative expenses.

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