Shipment Packaging Standards For EDI Vendors (Sporting Life)

EDI VendorsAll shipments are to be accompanied by an ASN and a valid PO number. Note, Reference ID’s used to secure overall quantities are NOT valid PO numbers.

  • ALL products must be shipped with scannable UPC labels on each individual item
  • Each purchase order is to be packed separately. Small PO’s should be individually packed and labelled, then combined in one master Carton to minimize shipping costs
  • Cartons must be packed on 40X48 pallets with labels facing out
  • The number of cartons must be clearly marked on each pallet
  • Pallet number must be clearly marked when more than one pallet is being shipped
  • Place a single piece of cardboard inside on the top and bottom of each carton for protection when opening the carton.
  • If a carton contains any breakable items the exterior of the carton must clearly indicate “FRAGILE” to indicate that the carton must be handled with care.
  • Shoes – Pack shoeboxes one box deep and in the same direction with the shoebox labels facing the top of the carton

To learn more about EDI and become a CEDIAP® (Certified EDI Academy Professional), please visit our course schedule page.

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