Shipping Carton Label Placement For Zappos Vendor Shipments

Shipping Carton Label should be placed on the exterior of each carton in an un-obscured and easily visible location, preferably on the side of the carton. Do not place Shipping Carton Label over a seam of the carton. To preserve the readability of carton labels, place them on cartons at least 1“ away from corners, edges or tape that may cover or distort the label.

Below are examples of preferred top and side Shipping Carton Label placement. Typically, labels are only placed on the top of a carton when the sides are too short (less that 7” H) to fit the GS1-128 label.

Shipping Carton Dimensions

The following applies to ALL shipping cartons:

  • The maximum shipping carton weight is 50 pounds.
  • The minimum shipping carton dimensions are (8” L x 6” W x 6” H).
  • The maximum shipping carton dimensions are (Footwear: 32” L x 24” W x 27” H / All Non-Footwear products: Carton must not exceed 25” on any side).
  • Carton openings should be on the top or bottom and not sides of each carton.

It is required that ALL shipments are approved by the Inbound Logistics team prior to the Vendor or their agents tendering freight to any carrier. This includes UPS and other small parcel carriers as well as Vendor paid shipments.

Failure to submit a Routing Request and comply with the carrier assignment may result in chargebacks.
A shipment is not approved to ship until a Dispatch Number has been assigned to the Routing Request.
Please review the instructions on how to use the Zappos Routing Request Portal. As of January 1, 2013, Zappos only accepts and processes Routing Requests submitted via the Routing Request Portal. Requests must be submitted at least one (1) business day prior to the Ready to Ship Date.

All Purchase Orders (Domestic & International Shipments) must ship to the address that appears on the Zappos Purchase Order (or to any other address Zappos authorizes in writing or through the Zappos Vendor Portal).

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