Shipping Carton Specifications

Shipping Carton Specifications Set For Nordstrom Merchandise

Shipping Carton Specifications: Shipping cartons must be constructed of corrugated cardboard with a minimum bursting strength of 200 lbs per square inch (18 kg/cm) to prevent crushing.

Carton Transit Testing

Carton transit testing is required when one item is shipped per carton. Nordstrom holds all suppliers and agents accountable for providing documentation upon request of Vibration and Drop testing in accordance with the International Safe Transit Association industry standard test procedure, ISTA-1A & 1B.

Vibration test

A 45 minute carton vibration test: 15 minutes each in base down, side down, and back down orientations. The frequency of the test platform is to be adjusted until the package just leaves the platform surface (14,200 cycles on vibration tables on 2 sides). The frequency of the vibration depends on the size and weight of the products. However, it will normally be approximately 200 cycles per minute.)

The drop sequence and orientation of the impacts must be performed in the following order:

1. Most fragile corner
2. Shortest edge radiating from that corner
3. Medium-length edge radiating from that corner
4. Longest edge radiating from that corner
5. Flat on one of smallest surfaces
6. Flat on the opposite smallest surface
7. Flat on one of the medium-length surfaces
8. Flat on the opposite medium-length surface
9. Flat on one of the largest surfaces
10.Flat on the opposite largest surface

Weight and Dimensions

For merchandise shipped in a carton with a hanger inserted (only specific garments can be shipped with a hanger, see pg 24 for guidelines), use carton size appropriate for garment. For Merchandise shipped in a carton with no hanger inserted the following carton specifications must be met.

• Please ship in the compliant carton size that best fits the flat folded items being shipped
• Do not mix Narrow and Wide cartons within the same PO
• Do not switch between Narrow and Wide cartons on subsequent shipments of the same item.

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