Shipping Case Packing

Shipping Case Packing (Conveyable And Non-Conveyable) Guidelines

Shipping Case Packing requirements are listed below for Fred’s vendors that ship merchandise to its Distribution Centers. Fred’s Distribution Centers distribute product to over 700 stores. A majority of
product is sent as individual cases that flow through the DC on conveyor in a sorting system.

  • Cases must contain only 1 item number. SKUs and Purchase Orders cannot be mixed within a case.
  • To prevent damage to our conveyor equipment do not secure cases with straps, bands, or string and do not use jiffy bags, burlap bags, mailing envelopes or plastic bags as packaging.
  • Seal cartons with security tape. FRED’S recommends using theft-deterrent tape on all cartons.
  • Master packing must be incorporated whenever possible. Use the largest standard case available with a MINIMUM of 3 units per case and with a MAXIMUM weight of 50 lbs (22.7 kg). If the case capacity is less than 3 units, make the item a “Re-Shipper” Single Ship Item (1 unit per case)
  • Use a shipping carton that fits the merchandise; do not over-pack or under-pack the carton.
  • If void fill is necessary, utilize air pillows, paper or cardboard dunnage.
  • Styrofoam peanuts/shells and empty product boxes are not acceptable dunnage.
  • Vendors should utilize one of the following standard CONVEYABLE case sizes if your item fits minimum 3 units) in one of these cases.

“Re-Shipper” Ship Alone (Non-Conveyable)

  • Ship alone cartons are products that are deemed too large in size or weight to pack with other items. These products ship to the end customer in the vendor packaging.
  • All items deemed ship alone items must be packaged individually so they can ship to the end customer and survive the rigors of small parcel (UPS, FedEx and USPS) shipping.
  • Ship alone cartons must be brown box cartons with a minimum case burst strength of 200lbs and minimum edge crush test of 32.5 pounds.
  • Product in ship alone cartons must be completely covered by the box. There should be no open windows in the box to view the product.

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