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Assignment of Shipping Container Barcode EAN/UCC-14 (SCC-14) (Do it Best Corp.)

The UCC specifically states that a GTIN assigned to an individual unit should not appear on a ship pack containing more than one retail selling unit. Allowing the use of UPC/EANs on shipping containers can be misleading. When distribution facilities scan inbound products, for example, a UPC on a ship pack of 12 items could very well be received as 1 item instead of 12.

Therefore, barcodes specifically designed for shipping containers are needed. In the Hardlines industry, the standard barcode used on ship cartons is the SCC-14 (formerly I 2 of 5) shipping container code. If Do it Best Corp. were assigning SCC-14 codes to Do it Best Corp. “Premium” private label paint brushes, here is what Do it Best Corp. would do:

  1. Work with the vendor to determine the various ship packs that will be offered. Do it Best Corp. will assume that the brushes will be supplied in ship packs of 12, 24, and 36. The manufacturer informs us that the corresponding packaging indicators will be 2, 4, and 6 respectively.
  2. Assign the SCC-14 barcode number the vendor will need to put on the ship carton(s). Based on the information in step #1 above, the Do it Best Corp. Private label “Premium” paint brush would have 3 different SCC-14 barcodes associated with it:
    1. The SCC-14 code for the ship pack of 12 would be: 2-00-09326-77002-Check Digit.
    2. The SCC-14 code for the ship pack of 24 would be: 4-00-09326-77002-Check Digit.
    3. The SCC-14 code for the ship pack of 36 would be: 6-00-09326-77002-Check Digit.

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