Shipping Documents

Shipping Documents (Simon and Schuster Vendor deliveries)

Shipping Documents detailing all information must accompany each shipment and should be indicated in a prominent manner to the Simon and Schuster Receiving Department.

The necessary details are as follows for each title shipped:

  • ISBN 13
  • Price
  • Title Description
  • Total carton count
  • Number of books per carton
  • Total quantity shipped
  • Bind order number
  • Total pallet count
  • Carrier

In the event that an exception or change is made, flag the change in the paperwork.  All exceptions must first be approved by Simon & Schuster. If more than one printing is being sent on a truck, the packing list should indicate how many pallets there are for each printing.  Titles and Printings cannot be mixed on a pallet. Cartons containing the packing list must be clearly marked “Packing List Enclosed”. Only one title per carton is acceptable. Packing lists must be faxed or emailed to delivery appointment contact prior to shipment arrival.

Bill of Lading Requirements

Printers must follow the Voluntary Interindustry Commerce Solutions (VICS) standard format for all bills of lading. All BOLs should be marked for billing according to the specific Client’s instructions on the Purchase Order that was provided. Do not use the 3rd party billing address above unless specific approval has been granted.

Shipment Information

  • Actual carton count and number of pallets
  • Simon & Schuster’s Bind / Purchase order number(s)

Two copies of the bill of lading should be given to the carrier at the time of shipment.  Carrier is to retain one copy for his files and attach the second copy to the freight bill. Inbound freight bills without a bill of lading copy attached will be sent back to the carrier. The carrier should be instructed that all shipments must have delivery appointments. Imports – All copies of all Bill of Ladings, Packing List and Invoices must be faxed or emailed in advance to our Transportation department.

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