Shopko EDI 810 Invoice

Shopko EDI 810 Invoice (Display Packs Guidelines)

Shopko EDI 810 Invoice and display packs: When invoicing an order containing display packs, Shopko expects the vendor to invoice the number of displays ordered in the dispaly packs 850 PO. Since Shopko knows the number of items in the display pack, the vendor should transmit the number of display packs and NOT the number of components. The unit of measure will also be ‘EA’ as this is consistent with how Shopko transmits the 850 PO unit of measure.

To further expand the concept of invoicing an order containing display or pre-packed goods, let’s assume that ten (10) ‘eaches’ of an assortment where shipped and there are 6 pieces (1 small, 2 med, 2large and 1 XL) inside each assortment. There is only one (1) assortment per carton that will have a label on the outside of the carton. The Shopko EDI 810 Invoice data would look like this:


The breakdown of the data above is as follows:


Element IT102 = Quantity ordered of this item – in this example the number of displays

Element PO103 = the unit of measure (EA or eaches) as Shopko considers a display or pre-packed assortment an ‘each’

Element PO104 = the cost of the display or pre-packed assortment

Element PO106 = the qualifier indicating that an 8 digit SKU value will be sent in the PO107

Element PO107 = the 8 digit SKU value of 08252066.

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