Shopko EDI 810 Invoice

Shopko EDI 810 Invoice Testing Procedure and Checklist

Shopko EDI 810 Invoice Testing is a part of the Vendor Program that requires all merchandise vendors to exchange 850 Purchase Orders (PO), 810 Invoices, 856 Advanced Ship Notice (ASN) and UCC128 labels.

Before starting Shopko EDI 810 Invoice testing process all vendors should complete the EDI Trading Partner Profile. Once Shopko receives the EDI Trading Partner Profile, there are several lengthy steps Shopko needs to complete in order for the testing phase to begin. When these steps are finished, the vendor will be notified by the Shopko EDI team to start the Shopko EDI 810 Invoice testing process. The vendor will have 90 days to complete the testing process. The EDI team will make three (3) attempts to contact and establish a test date with the vendor.

Shopko reserves the right to assess a $25 penalty per hard copy or faxed invoice if the vendor is non-responsive to testing inquiries or if they fail to participate in testing after the agreed upon date.

Shopko EDI 810 Invoice Testing Checklist

  1. Send an email message to the EDI team indicating the 810 test is being sent. This step can occur at the same time as the transmission of the 997 for the test PO. The 810 test data may be created using the 850 test. Test IDs for Shopko are still used in the 810 test.
  2. Test 810 data will be retrieved by the EDI team and reviewed, with feedback provided in an email message indicating any changes.
  3. Continue to send test 810s to Shopko with corrections until all syntax errors are addressed.
  4. Test 810 data will continue to be retrieved by the Shopko EDI team and reviewed until no syntax errors are found.
  5. When no additional syntax errors are found, an email will be sent to the vendor and the Shopko Accounts Payable contacts indicating that the EDI portion of the invoice testing has been completed.
  6. A paper copy of the invoice will be sent via fax or email to the Shopko Accounts Payable contact noted in the email message using the same information that had been sent in the last 810 test.
  7. The Shopko Accounts Payable contact will review the information transmitted as well as on the paper invoice and compare the information, validating that all the information is being transmitted as required. Corrections may be suggested and testing with AP will continue until no errors exist.
  8. The Shopko Accounts Payable contact will inform the EDI team that the AP portion of the 810 testing has been completed and then an email message will be sent to the vendor EDI contact, indicating the move to production date for invoices.
  9. Paper invoices will stop as of the move to production date.


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