Shopko EDI Display Packs 850 Purchase Order Guidelines

Shopko EDI Display Packs may be ordered to stock a store. The Shopko PO system considers Shopko EDI Display Packs a single item. This document is an attempt to clarify the definition of each value and the various scenarios in which a display pack is sent /used.

Shopko EDI Display PacksThe key to understanding Shopko EDI Display Packs or pre-packed assortments is to remember that each ‘pre pack’ should be treated as an ‘each’ and not an assortment of goods. To further clarify, the PO system used by Shopko defines all of their PO quantities in eaches. So, if a quantity of 10 pre-packs or displays are ordered with each pre-pack containing 6 items, the total quantity of items is 10 – the number of pre-packs and NOT 60 (6 items in each pre-pack with 10 pre-packs ordered). Failure to understand this concept will create many inventory issues as well as chargebacks in the ASN receiving process as the quantities will be overstated.

When display packs are transmitted in the 850 PO, the SKU/UPC sent is specifically for the display pack or assortment. Shopko does not transmit the components of a display pack – this information should already exist within the vendor’s system. Should this information be missing from the vendor’s system, it is Shopko’s expectation that the vendor will set up the components to tie back to the display SKU/UPC.

The component detail should be obtained from the Shopko buyer/business analyst. In most orders for display or pre-pack goods, the PO401 value is used. This helps to understand the quantity of items as the PO401 value most frequently is one (1). That is, there may be several items that compose the pre-pack assortment but inside the carton on which the UCC128 label is placed, there will be only one (1) assortment.

To further expand the concept of display or pre-packed goods, let’s assume that Shopko ordered ten (10) ‘eaches’ of an assortment and there are 6 pieces (1 small, 2 med, 2 large and 1 XL) inside each assortment. There is only one (1) assortment per carton that will have a label on the outside of the carton. The PO data would look like this: PO1**10*EA*50.00**CB*08252066~ PO4*1~

The breakdown of the data above is as follows: PO1**10*EA*50.00**CB*08252066~

Element PO102 = Quantity ordered of this item – in this example the number of displays

Element PO103 = the unit of measure (EA or eaches) as Shopko considers a display or pre-packed assortment an ‘each’

Element PO104 = the cost of the display or pre-packed assortment

Element PO106 = the qualifier indicating that an 8 digit SKU value will be sent in the PO107

Element PO107 = the 8 digit SKU value of 08252066

PO4*1~ Element PO401 = 1 assortment or display inside the carton.

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