Shopko EDI Requirements

Shopko EDI Requirements And Vendor Guidelines For Packing Merchandise

Shopko EDI Requirements given below refer to all new and existing vendors doing merchandise with Shopko. The listed Shopko EDI Requirements describe general instructions for carton dimensions and packing.

Shopko EDI Requirements for Packing

The three types of packing or ordering used by Shopko:

  • Plan 1 merchandise (direct to store)
  • Plan 2 merchandise (mixed SKUs)
  • Plan 4 merchandise (standard pack or DC replenished).


The practice of over-packing, or putting multiple masters of multiple SKUs in one larger carton, is acceptable. Over-packing can save on freight and handling. The following requirements must be observed:

  • A label stating “OVERPACK” on the outside of the carton.
  • Purchase Order number and DC address on the outside of the carton.
  • No SKU, no UCC 128, or other markings on the outside of the carton.
  • If re-using cartons, remove or black out all previous labeling and carton markings.
  • All master case requirements for the SKUs contained inside must be maintained.

Display packs (or pre-packs) are used effectively at Shopko. This practice is efficient for seasonal sets of apparel and other fashion items of mixed color, size, or style.

Carton Construction

Material. The physical appearance and structural integrity of the shipping carton is as important to our customer as the commodity itself. The supplier is responsible to ensure proper packaging to protect their product as it moves through the supply chain. The supplier is responsible to ensure that the packaging can sustain the distribution environment from manufacturer all the way to the store shelf, to include box clamps, trailer vibration, and high speed conveyor.

In General:

  • Cartons must be of a corrugated material – not boxboard or chipboard.
  • Cartons that will hold more than 40lbs of merchandise must meet a minimum of 200lb burst strength.
  • Cartons that will hold less than 40lbs of merchandise must meet a minimum of 175lb burst strength.
  • The preferred style is a Regular Slotted Container (RSC).
  • Inner cartons must be of a lightweight corrugated material – not boxboard or chipboard.
  • Inner cartons must meet a minimum of 125lb burst strength


  • Double-wall corrugated material is recommended but not required at this time.
  • Cartons should meet edge crush test (ECT) strength of 48lbs.
  • All general construction requirements are in effect, PLUS the following for inner packaging:
    • Empty areas within the package must be filled with polystyrene, corrugated blocks or other material to fill voids.
    • All corners should be reinforced.
    • Liner boards are acceptable for use reinforcing sides of cartons.
    • Hardware bags should be stored in such a manner to prevent movement and breakage within the package.

Conveyable Merchandise

In order to make maximum use of the high speed conveyor systems, Shopko strongly prefers cartons meeting the following size and weight guidelines:

  • Maximum weight of carton is 70lbs
  • Minimum weight of carton is 1lb
  • Maximum carton dimensions are: 42” long x 24” wide x 30” high
  • Minimum carton dimensions are: 9” long x 6” wide x 3” high
  • It is preferred that one dimension of the carton be at least 1.5x that of the other dimensions to avoid “perfect cubes” which do not sit well on a high speed conveyor.

Additional Considerations

  • All cartons containing glass, plastic, or ceramic items (including bottles) must have dividers or partitions to protect merchandise from breakage and crushing.
  • Cartons containing articles packed in plastic or polybag for use at point-of-sale require a warning printed on the bag to caution consumers that the bag is not a toy.
  • All cartons must be sealed with reinforced or plastic tape.
  • Sealing tape must be 2 inches wide and used on all open sides to properly seal cartons.
  • When practical, glued cartons will be acceptable.
  • All straps and bands must be either plastic or a material other than metal.
  • No cartons are to be sealed using staples unless specifically approved by Shopko.

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