Simon and Schuster EDI 856 ASN

Simon and Schuster EDI 856 ASN (Advance Shipment Notification)

Simon and Schuster EDI 856 ASN must be a part of all shipments to Simon and Schuster, with scan able bar code labels on every carton. Transmittable and usable Simon and Schuster EDI 856 ASN must be sent immediately on or before the release of the shipment to the carrier. EDI capable vendors must provide ASN documents via standard Inbound 856 transaction set.

If you’re a new vendor/bindery, an approval process must be followed before transmitting any “live” data. Simon & Schuster requires an electronic ASN. The preferred method is via EDI transmission.

Simon and Schuster EDI 856 ASN Testing Requirements

  • Simon and Schuster require 856 Advance Shipment Notification
  • The VAN should be PUBNET (GXS)
  • The test ID is ZZ:2002442T
  • Your programmer must review 856 maps to ensure that segments are mapped
  • Binders failing to comply with Simon and Schuster 856 testing requirements are subject to charge

Simon and Schuster EDI 856 ASN Production Requirements

  •  Once your test has been approved, you can now go into
  • The production ID is ZZ:2002442

EDI 856 ASN File Example

ST*856*0001 BSN*00*PRONBR*021023*1545*0001
HL*1**S TD1*PLT94*9****G*11098*LB TD1*CTN25*439 TD1*UNT76*43900
TD5*B*2*OVNT*M*OVERNITE TRANS. CO. REF*MB*002997-01 DTM*011*021023*1545*ES*20 N1*SF*YOUR WAREHOUSE*15*123456X
N1*ST*OUR WAREHOUSE*15*2002442

N3*100 MAIN ST N4*CITY*NJ*65101 HL*002*1*O PRF*PO NUMBER HL*003*002*P
MAN*GM*00000000001234567890 HL*004*003*I
LIN*1*IB*1234567892*B5*TEST TITLE FOR YOU TO REVIEW*B7*YOUR IMPRINT NAME*RU*01*EN*9781234567890 SN1*1*4900*UN
SLN*1**I*1*PL SLN*1**I*49*CT SLN*1**I*100*UN HL*005*002*P*1 MAN*GM*00000000001234567891 HL*006*005*I
LIN*2*IB*1234567891*B5*TEST TITLE FOR YOU TO REVIEW*B7*YOUR IMPRINT NAME*RU*01*EN*9781234567891 SN1*2*4900*UN
SLN*2**I*1*PL SLN*2**I*49*CT SLN*2**I*100*UN HL*007*002*P MAN*GM*00000000001234567892 HL*008*007*I
LIN*3*IB*1234567893*B5*TEST TITLE FOR YOU TO REVIEW*B7*YOUR IMPRINT NAME*RU*01*EN*9781234567892 SN1*3*4900*UN
SLN*3**I*1*PL SLN*3**I*49*CT SLN*3**I*100*UN HL*009*002*P MAN*GM*00000000001234567893 HL*010*009*I
LIN*4*IB*1234567894*B5*TEST TITLE FOR YOU TO REVIEW*B7*YOUR IMPRINT NAME*RU*01*EN*9781234567893 SN1*4*4900*UN
SLN*4**I*1*PL SLN*4**I*49*CT SLN*4**I*100*UN HL*011*002*P MAN*GM*00000000001234567894 HL*012*011*I
LIN*5*IB*1234567895*B5*TEST TITLE FOR YOU TO REVIEW*B7*YOUR IMPRINT NAME*RU*01*EN*9781234567894 SN1*5*4900*UN
SLN*5**I*1*PL SLN*5**I*49*CT SLN*5**I*100*UN HL*013*002*P MAN*GM*00000000001234567895 HL*014*013*I
LIN*6*IB*1234567896*B5*TEST TITLE FOR YOU TO REVIEW*B7*YOUR IMPRINT NAME*RU*01*EN*9781234567895 SN1*6*4900*UN
SLN*6**I*1*PL SLN*6**I*49*CT SLN*6**I*100*UN HL*015*002*P
MAN*GM*00000000001234567896 HL*016*015*I
LIN*7*IB*1234567897*B5*TEST TITLE FOR YOU TO REVIEW*B7*YOUR IMPRINT NAME*RU*01*EN*9781234567896 SN1*7*4600*UN
SLN*7**I*1*PL SLN*7**I*46*CT SLN*7**I*100*UN HL*017*1*O PRF*PO NUMBER HL*018*017*P
MAN*GM*00000000001234567897 HL*019*018*I
LIN*8*IB*1234567898*B5*TEST TITLE FOR YOU TO REVIEW*B7*YOUR IMPRINT NAME*RU*01*EN*9781234567897 SN1*8*6300*UN
SLN*8**I*1*PL SLN*8**I*63*CT SLN*8**I*100*UN HL*020*017*P MAN*GM*00000000001234567898 HL*021*020*I
LIN*9*IB*1234567899*B5*TEST TITLE FOR YOU TO REVIEW*B7*YOUR IMPRINT NAME*RU*01*EN*9781234567898 SN1*9*3600*UN
SLN*9**I*1*PL SLN*9**I*36*CT SLN*9**I*100*UN CTT*00170 SE*91*0001.

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