Simon & Schuster EDI Documents

Simon & Schuster EDI Documents Requirements (Inbound Product Shipments)

Simon & Schuster EDI Documents guidelines state that all inbound product shipments to the Simon & Schuster in Riverside, NJ must be preceded by an EDI transmission of ASN documents using industry standard inbound 856 transaction set. In the case of a new vendor/bindery, a setup and testing process must be followed before transmitting any “live” data.

Simon & Schuster EDI Documents (ASN) are required to include the following:

  • Pack Quantity
  • Carton Size—Length, Width and Height
  • Carton Weight
  • Number of cartons per pallet
  • Barcode License Plate Number (LPN) – To identify the Serial Shipping Container Code(SSCC) in a GS1-128 (UCC/EAN-128) bar code. Associates the carton to contents data in the ASN transmission.

LPN Label Format

A uniquely numbered License Plate Number (LPN) must be applied to all pallets.  This number must be in a standard Serialized Shipping Container Code (SSCC) format and must be linked to the ASN transmission.  Exclude lower case letters when creating an LPN.

  • Bar code Size – Barcode must be at least 1.5” in Height and 4“ in Length
  • Label Size – Label must be at least 2” in Height and  “5” in Length

LPN Label Placement

The label showing the LPN barcode identifying the pallet must be put on the lower right corner of each pallet contained in a shipment.  Label needs to be adhered to a carton not on the stretch-wrap. When loading pallets onto a trailer, the UCC-128 shipping label / LPN Barcode should be facing the door of the trailer. This requirement is for ease of receipt on the receiving dock. Each shippable/sellable unit must have an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) that is barcoded, as well as printed numerically above the barcode on the lower back side of the cover/jacket.  The barcode must be scan able and the printed ISBN must be human readable.

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