Simon & Schuster EDI Supplier

Simon & Schuster EDI Supplier Delivery Requirements And Guidelines

Simon & Schuster EDI Supplier Delivery appointments must be made at least 24 hours in advance of delivery.  The following information is required to obtain a delivery appointment:

  • Shipper Company Name
  • ASN Number (Domestic shipments will not be assigned an appointment without an ASN)
  • Purchase Order Number(s) / Bind Order Number(s)
  • ISBN Numbers / SKU
  • Quantity Per ISBN / SKU
  • Number of Pallets and/or Cartons
  • PRO / BOL Number
  • Total Weight
  • Trailer Number
  • Seal Number

Simon & Schuster EDI Supplier Delivery may be refused if:

  • Carrier is late for the appointment
  • Missing Advance Shipment Notification (ASN)
  • Arrives without an appointment
  • Does not satisfy receiving requirements
  • Trailer appears unsafe to enter

If supplier freight arrives without an appointment, Simon & Schuster receiving department will try to accommodate. However, unscheduled deliveries will be put last behind other arriving loads that were properly scheduled.  If it becomes impossible to offload your product because an appointment was not made, Simon & Schuster may find it necessary to refuse your shipment or delay to a subsequent day.

Receiving Verification

S&S receiving personnel will validate the quantity and preliminary condition of the goods received and request the driver or delivery personnel to sign the Bill of Lading acknowledging delivery of goods including any notation of shortages, overages, refusals, and or damages to products delivered. Please be aware that concealed damages or shortages that are found at a time after the receiving process will be communicated to the Vendor and charged back accordingly. The expectation is that all trucks coming to Simon and Schuster for delivery will have a trailer seal attached.  The presence of the trailer seal and the seal number will be noted on the receiving documents.  Trailers without seals will be unloaded but the lack of the seal will also be noted on the receiving documents in case of any issues.

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