EDI Shipping

Sporting Life EDI Shipping Instructions & Appointment Requirements

Sporting Life EDI shipments must be received at the company DC within the shipping window. When ready to ship your EDI order, please follow the steps: contact NLS to schedule your appointment, provide NLS with the following information for EVERY PO: PO# Cartons Units Carrier. Please note, the ASN must be sent prior to the goods arriving at NLS.

Failure to schedule an appointment OR shipping before/after appointment date may result in refusal of your shipment, or incur non-compliance charges. Please schedule, and follow your appointment to ensure your shipment is not refused at Sporting Life DC. All shipments must be received at Sporting Life DC within the shipping window.

Shipments scheduled to arrive after the cancel date are considered late, which may result in charge-backs to the vendor. Transit days must be accounted for when shipping. Extensions may be granted with approval from the buyer on late shipments, at which point, late discounts may be applied as per the buyer’s instructions.

International Shipments

All International vendors (shipping from overseas) must follow the shipping procedures below:

  1. Submit your ASN – no sooner than 2 weeks before ship date, and no later than 5 days before Cancel date.
  2. Contact Panalpina for pick-up of your shipment.
  3. Panalpina will pick-up the goods and schedule the delivery appointment with NLS.

To learn more about EDI shipments and become a certified  EDI Professional please visit our course schedule page.

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