Sporting Life Electronic Data Interchange

Sporting Life Electronic Data Interchange In Supply Chain

Sporting Life Electronic Data Interchange is an important aspect within Supply Chain process. All suppliers must be EDI capable in order to transact electronically with Sporting Life. EDI helps to ensure communication between Sporting Life can be managed in an automated, more efficient manner. Suppliers will benefit from having a fully integrated EDI solution. Sporting Life understands that some companies do not have EDI capabilities within their current process. Sporting Life has partnered with Spice Technology Group, a Third Party e-commerce provider, to implement a solution for Sporting Life Non-EDI suppliers. The solution is a web portal which is both economical, as well easy for suppliers to use.

Benefits of EDI

  • more efficient processing of PO’s at DC
  • accuracy of data increases
  • more timely payment for vendors
  • lower costs

EDI Information

ISA Qualifier: ZZ

Mandatory Transactions

850 – Purchase Order (from SPL to Supplier)
855 – Purchase Order Acknowledgement (From Supplier to SPL)
860 – Purchase Order Change (From SPL to Supplier)
856 – Advance Ship Notice (From Supplier to SPL)
832 – Price/Sales Catalogue (From Supplier to SPL)
997 – Functional Acknowledgment (To and From both SPL and Supplier)

850 Purchase Order: An 850 is used to communicate PO details. UPC, quantity, cost, are key segments within.

855 Purchase Order Acknowledgement: An 855 is expected for all PO’s within 24 hours of receiving the 850 (PO). This transaction confirms the dates, items, discounts, and quantities from the PO. An additional 855 is required 7 days prior to shipping the PO.

860 Purchase Order Change: The 860 is used to communicate any change to the original PO. Quantity changes, date changes, price, item changes are transmitted in this transaction.

856 Advance Ship Notice: An ASN is required for all shipments into the DC. The ASN will detail the contents within a shipment. A shipping label (MH10) is also required on each case. The ASN cannot arrive earlier than 2 weeks before the start ship date.

832 Price/Sales Catalogue: This transaction is used to exchange critical item details. An 832 is required in order to obtain your UPC, styles and other pertinent item details.

997 Functional Acknowledgment: An FA is required for all transactions exchanged.

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