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Sporting Life Scheduling An Appointment NLS Guidelines

Sporting Life Scheduling Delivery guidelines require all deliveries to Sporting Life 3PL warehoused (NLS) require an appointment – to schedule an appointment an ASN is required (EDI Vendors), or an approval number (Non-EDI Vendors). To obtain an approval number a valid PO, within shipping window and not passed cancellation date, is required: to schedule an appointment, contact the NLS appointment desk. Cut off for making an appointment for the next day delivery is 3:00pm EST. For Non-EDI Vendors NLS appointment desk is open from Monday to Friday from 7:00am to 3:00pm EST. Appointments must be booked at least 2-3 days prior to the cancellation date of the PO.

For Sporting Life EDI Vendors to receive an appointment at NLS, the following information will be required:

  • NLS Client Name (Sporting Life)
  • Valid PO number within the shipping window
  • Total units, total number of cartons, total number of pallets and name of carrier
  • Cross-Dock orders (i.e. Special Orders, Supply PO’s, CUR/DSR) DO NOT go through EDI. Please follow the manual (Non-EDI) process for the orders
  • All Po’s requiring “Special Handling” must be called out to NLS at time of appointment booking – i.e. Kitting Po’s
  • Please note, the ASN must be sent prior to the goods arriving at NLS.

Sporting Life Appointment number will be provided at the time of booking. Driver will be required to quote NLS appointment number at the door. Always quote existing appointment numbers when rescheduling or adding PO(s) to a previously booked appointment. Please make sure the PO number and appointment number are indicted on the outside of the carton(s) and packing slip attached.

For Sporting Life EDI Vendors the ASN must be transmitted prior to product being delivered to NLS. All shipments to Sporting Life DC must be traceable, and are to be arranged by the vendor.

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