Sporting Life Vendor Packing

Sporting Life Vendor Packing Instructions (Pack by Store, Bulk Pack And Kitting PO’s)

Sporting Life Vendor Packing Instructions have been recently changed from bulk PO’s to PO’s by store. Now, every store will have its own unique PO#. This enhances the receiving process, making it faster, and more accurate.

  • Vendor picks and packs items for specific store
  • This method has the fastest processing time through our DC
  • Cartons are clearly marked by specific store PO
  • Cartons are packed by style. There will be multiple UPC’s in a carton
  • Can be packed with either a full case of a single style, OR with multiple items packed for that specific store/ PO
  • Each PO (store) will have its own unique distribution

Bulk Pack

Sporting Life is moving away from BULK PO’s. This is one PO# for ALL stores. If you do receive a bulk PO, Sporting Life asks that vendor pack this order by store, to ensure the quickest processing possible.

  • Pack by store
  • Pack items by style. Please note, you may pack more than one style per carton to condense shipment for cost efficiency purposes, as long as this is still packed by store.

Kitting PO’s

Sporting Life frequently buys separate pieces, to be put together, and sold in its stores as a set (ie. Sporting Life buys a ski jacket and ski pants separately, put them together, and sell this as a set.) These are known as Kitting PO’s. For Kitting PO’s, please follow the below packing instructions:

  • All pieces in the “kit” must be packed together, on the same PO
  • When making your appointment with NLS, you must specify that the PO requires “SPECIAL HANDLING”.

All Categories of Merchandise

  1. All shipments are to be accompanied by an ASN (EDI) or a packing slip (Non-EDI) and a valid PO number.
  2. ALL products must be shipped with scannable UPC labels on each individual item.
  3. Substitutions by style/colour/size/ UPC’s are not acceptable under any circumstances.
  4. Pack each Purchase Order separately. Do not mix Purchase Orders within the same carton. However, small PO’s should be combined in one master Carton to minimize shipping costs.
  5. Cartons must be packed on 40X48 pallets with labels facing out.
  6. Clearly mark the # of cartons on each pallet.
  7. Clearly mark the pallet # when more than one pallet is being shipped.
  8. Do not ship special orders, customer returns, or warranty items in the same carton with regular purchase orders. These orders will have a unique PO and must be packed in an individual carton as per #4 above.
  9. Place a single piece of cardboard on the top and bottom of each carton for protection when opening the carton.

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