856 ASN Standards

SRI (Gordmans) 856 ASN Standards

  1. GXS is SRI’s only Value Added Network  for all inbound and outbound files. The following information is required:
  • Your name and address
  • SRI Purchase Order Number
  • The number of cartons in your shipment by Purchase Order and shipment total
  • Total weight of the shipment
  • The freight Carrier
  • The exact quantity in units by style, color and size
  • Bill of lading number (this number must be assigned at shipment level). If the shipment is so large that it will not fit on one truck, then you must create a unique BOL and ASN for each truck.
  • Carton detail information-The UPC cannot be listed multiple times within the same carton detail.
  • Carton numbers must be unique across all DC ship to locations. A carton number can only be sent via EDI one time regardless of the ship to location.
  • If shipping a pre-pack and a Pack UPC is included in the ASN and Invoice file, the quantity in the carton is the number of packs in the carton, not the total number of sellable pieces in the carton. For example, if there are 6 pieces in your pack, and there are 4 packs in a carton, then the quantity is 4, not 24.
  • If shipping via LTL (less than truckload carrier, i.e. ABF) or Parcel Carrier (i.e. Fed-Ex) then the entire pickup at your shipping location is considered one shipment. All ASN’s transmitted against this shipment must display the same BOL number.
  • When shipping via small parcel, vendors must enter the 1st tracking number of the shipment in the REF and BM segment as the BOL number.

2. The 856 ASN must match the shipment and purchase order.

3. The requirements for 856 ASN timing have been revised to ensure SRI receives the ASN in a timelier manner. Usable EDI ASN must be sent immediately on or before the release of the shipment to the carrier.

4. The 856 ASN must be transmitted and received prior to the arrival of the shipment.

5. Suppliers are NOT to transmit an ASN with a quantity of ‘0’ attached to a UPC.

6. Below are some scenarios that you should consider when determining the appropriate time to transmit the 856 ASN.

  • If the shipment is picked up in the morning and will arrive at any of SRI DCs within 1-4 hours, there is a chance that the trailer may be unloaded at SRI facility that same day. Every attempt should be made by SRI proximity vendors to transmit the ASN prior to or as the shipment is leaving your dock. It is the supplier’s responsibility to provide to SRI a timely and accurate ASN.
  • Most shipments that leave your facility on Friday arrive at our facility over the weekend. In this scenario please make sure the 856 ASN is sent on Friday; do NOT wait until the following Monday to transmit.

7. The shipping information must be consolidated into one ASN. One BOL number on the Advance Ship Notice transmission per PO/shipment is required. Vendors must provide an accurate ship date within the DTM-11 segment of their ASN and match the “Shippers” signed date on the BOL.

8. The ASN replaces the packing slip and packing slips are not required for any shipment. This ‘no packing slips’ requirement also includes ALL jewelry (costume & fine) and watch suppliers.

To learn more about EDI transactions and scenarios please visit our course schedule page.

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